Three good things.

    I am thankful for meeting the lot of you.

    I am thankful for the different ways of thinking.

    I am extremely thankful for the time you have spent being yourself. Honestly, what a joy. 


    One day of appreciation and respect for each other is a good thing.


    Let us be complimentary to one another .. a positive note for once and at the end.

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    My feelings are hurt, does'nt any body like me. lol.

    @bulletman...Stop crying. I like you! :)

    Thank you Duck, at least there is one. lol.

    I have not finished my list... I am thankful for bulletman because of his cool name, the fact he makes me laugh and the fact that he is real.

    I am thankful for Ducky for the next three reasons .... Obvious yellow beauty, complete hilarity and the fact that she can float. I wish I could float.

    Grab my wing FISH-O, I'll help you float. :)

    :) You are a one amazing duck! My fin is out!


    When you come back to add to your list, please add it here in the comment section, not as a new answer. I will be thankful to not have to move all the comments like below. Thanks!



    I will start

    Colleen, your devotion to this sight can not be surpassed by anyone.

    Benthere; Your faith has truly inspired me as much as your true love for your wife has. Beautiful.

    Tommy, you are simply grand. The love for your family and devotion is absolutely beyond amazing.

    That is my first three in random order. I intend on including everyone else. ........ Let's give it a go.






    Of course I love Dennis over the moon.... that goes without saying. :)

    Your hilarity has no boundaries. Your love of the laugh is a dream. You Dennis are extremely special in a very good way.



    You are just saying that,but i will play the game and try to hold my feelings,



    I added to my answer because I adore you. ... You are wonderful. :)



    Are i knew you like me a bit in a funny kind of way,Gee thanks,Miss Fishey,



    I like you because you are you Dennis.


    country bumpkin

    Hector I have a notice letting me know you commented to my answer above, but nothing is there. Is it another glitch or have I missed something?

    Colleen, the site is done. It is time to thank. And, thank you. Kind words really don't hurt, they heal. I put an answer in to get the ball rolling not for flipping votes. Clearly everyone can see that.

    Where did I say you put the answer for votes? Why do you change your comments? This is not what you said to me last night. Many people still use the add new answer box when commenting to their own answer. People forget, I simply remind them. This question has 169 views so it's not being missed. I also explained in the other thread that without Google promoting this site on the internet, we will not get the traffic we use to get. Google for their own reasons have decided to no longer send us traffic. They chose to remove the ask a question button from the toolbars. The owners appealed Google's decision to do this. Google did not accept the appeal. They will not promote akaQA. From what I understand, the owners are working on making a new forum. This one now will remain until the new one becomes active and hopefully Google will not have an issue with the new one.
    country bumpkin

    I know you were only trying to get the ball rolling Fish-o and thank you for you effort..:)

    I didn't change my comments Colleen. I did have a problem about six months ago with odd answers in place of mine, but Ducky sorted that out for me by deleting the answers completely.

    I only wanted to leave on a good note and put the negative energy behind. Anyway, thanks for moving my answer. I was hoping to ask for someone to do it but I ran out of time.

    Oh MY! Blushing bright red :). You're a good little fish to Fishy.I have always thought your morals are on the right track.BTW.

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    Nice. Big love right back at you handsome Scottish man.

    I Might as well go home,

    Never! Green faced square of a man!... set on a point! Never!

    I will stay just a little longer then,

    What am I, chopped liver ?

    My grandfather

    My son

    My soul mate

    (In alphabetical order) :)))




    I had three things in my mind but clu ruined them for me…So sure, I’m grateful for the men and woman that have served for my country, my father included (God bless him). THEN I’m grateful for the internet because it brought me you guys and the rest of the world, second for James tho I reserve the right to poke him with a stick, and I’m grateful for what little family I have left…..



    I am grateful for your dry sense of humour. It is fantastic.

    My children! My partner! My health!  All of these enable me to enjoy ALL of you!   Blessings to everyone. And lets give thanks for all  veterans and members of the service on this holiday weekend in the USA!   This is Memorial Day weekend for us.


    That is great stuff. My husband is Canadian air force. We so often forget that people put their lives on the line to protect the rest of us. Wonderful answer clu.

    Yes, Thank you Vets...

    I'm interpreting your question to mean what we are thankful for at akaQA, so:

    I am thankful for the people who are and consider me a friend.

    I am thankful for the opportunity to be helpful and opinionated.

    I am thankful for Ducky and hector5559, who always take time to share a comment or two.


    You are sunshine and understood the question. I am thankful that you truly are you. I appreciate that one glorious point.

    To know you is to adore you.

    *** :D *** ((((big hug))))

    Right back at you... :)

    I don't much like anyone. I'm a hater. :)  And I hate haters! I don't even like myself! :)


    Just joking--- I think (?)

    I like all ya'll!!  :)


    I don't always agree wiyh you, in fact i think i don't agree with you at all, i still think you as Cyber friend, Mate. lol.

    You may be a hater Vincent but you really are hilarious. Thanks!

    Bulletman-- I said before, i would fight for your right to your opinions, but I certainly don't agree with them. :) you are a great cyber friend!

    My husband.

    My children.

    Mother Earth.



    As for me, the three would be:  Family, Good friends (including those on aka) and my Health. 

    I thank my wife everyday for my kids.

    I also thank my daughter everyday for my grand kids.

    I have had a couple of health scares over the last couple of years & I am thankful for the recovery I have had.

    OK 4. Thank you my good AKA friends.


    Happy you're here Tommy.

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