A Question for the Girls ---- For your 40th birthday your Mother in Law gave you Cellulite Cream and Capsules, how would you Re- act?

    This actually happened to my step-daughter, i could not believe it when my other step- daughter told me.

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    If we were "friends", she would no doubt have a sarcastic sense of humor. Based on that, I would take it as a sarcastic joke and laugh. I would also get her back. A woman might be offended but likely only if they had never gotten along to begin with.


    They despised one another.

    Then she is one mean, nasty person and I would have no contact with her. She is looking for a reaction.

    I know you want your daughter to be the bigger person here so I would not heed my own advice, but if I were your daughter I would  have a casket delivered to my mother-in-law for her birthday. I would love to see her expression!


    I would have like to be a fly on the wall when she opened the gift.

    What a clever idea! I hope they were close enough for her to have gotten away with it. Personally, I’d love a gift like that. This stuff is expensive and probably doesn’t work……….


    It was given purposely to offend, Jules, see comment for Pyth.

    Not many women escape hail damage, *laughs out loud* bulletman. I wouldn't be offended but, I can think of better gifts to give/receive.


    From what her sister told me Pyth, she was not pleased, there is no love loss beteewn her mother in law and her, the gift was given to really s**t her off and it worked.

    What a grumpy old witch! I would send her a lovely DEAD bouquet of flowers as a thank you gift!


    Clu, the mother in law has never forgiven her for trapping her son into marriage, my step daughter has no pre wedding friendes from her teens, if a girl friend upsets her she beds their boy friend to get back at them, which she could quite easily as she was a beautiful looking girl, so she had no trouble getting boys she wanted, beautiful on the outside a dark angle on the inside, you would not like to cross her.

    my brother's wife bull-dozed him into marriage,but my mom was always nice to her.

    Consider the source and respond in kind with Metamucil, Ex-lax, or some other form of laxative/fiber product.  If someone asks why Mumsy is getting it, your daughter can say it's because her mother-in-law is full of...

    "" or not.  I'd just skip the old lady's special day completely.

    If they are on friendly terms and enjoy in this kind of humour, then it is just the way they are with each other. If it was not the case, then I would have filled her glass with geritol!


    Witchway, there is no love loss between the two of then, she got pregnant deliberately to make her mother in law's son marry her, even thou he was engaged to girl intersate, we have nothing to do with her as she is a selfish, malicious woman, i think money was the motive as her in -laws are quite wealthy.

    I might send her these for her next birthday gift ... lol




    The two of them are missing out of a lot of laughs. A sad situation occurs when a comedy routine is not taken advantage upon. :)

    They might be large enough for both mothers-in-law.

    I'm not a girl, but I couldn't resist. "Here's to you, mom!" ""


    You would bankrupt the tooth fairy woith those, Clonge. :)


    If they are on good terms, it was probably supposed to be a gag. But, in addition to that, she should have included a nice a gift card to a trendy resturant.

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