A flying car... Go George Jeston!

    Would you by one?  And how much fun would it be?

    Here is George Cartoon character who's "s" fell before the "t" .... fast typing ... sorry :) 


    And here is the flying car.....

    Flying cars: the history (© Terrafugia)

    That will change grocery store parking lots.


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    Remember to drive on the LEFT and stop at all the lights.



    :) Thanks for answering.

    “Tout le plaisir était pour moi.”


                  I want a flying motorcycle


    Now we are talking!

    I find it amazing to think of all the “inventions” on THE JETSON’S that have come to be real!!!!


    I know right!

    The robots are much better, have you seen what is coming out of Japan?? androids that look human, even carry on a conversation with you, so lifelike that they are even capable of facial expressions. Of course, they speak in Japanese so I don't know what's going on there. :)

    That would be quite something, don't think my pension would stretch to buying one though. I'll just keep doing the lotto. One day It's Shaw to come up.


    :) Thanks for answering.

    I do not mind driving on the left, but the stop signs may be a problem!  And how do you park?  Or go parking

    This is nothing new, the concept that one day we would all be flying is still science fiction. These current 'flying cars' while seem like a cool idea, here in the USA, it would be a problem as to where you could legally take off from and land. When an aircraft lands on a freeway, the aircraft can not take off again, it must be dismantled and hauled off.  (FAR) (Federal Flight Rules)  as a matter of fact, unless it changed, you can not pilot an aircraft over metro areas less than 1,000 feet, rural is 500 feet. Kinda difficult trying to take off and land legally without an airport below you.The exceptions are emergency aircraft, agricultural and media.  And you can also have permits to land/T/O from  your own property but even then the requirements is almost impossible.  Of course, this private property can not be in a municipal area.

    I do remember as a kid, my uncle had several acres in the countryside, There was a local farmer that had a 'Gyrocopter' that would land in the field visit for awhile and take off. Pretty cool.  Sngle seater so I didn't get to ride. :(  But I doubt he ever flew it over 300 feet. 


    Apparently they are two years away. ... New industry. :) Have a nice day.

    There's a guy in Palo alto CA, about 6 miles from me that is taking orders on these things. Still they will have the FAA to deal with. They can be licensed as experimental,but even though, they still have the problem of 'where is it legal to T/O or land?? We also have the self driving cars on the highway, I have seen many of them with a test person sitting on the passenger side and no driver. They are now testing in city limits. This is raising quite a stink, we are not ready to accept driverless cars on the highway. Their response is said to be faster than a human response, but still, humans sometimes think outside the box when driving to avoid an accident. I think it will be many years before you ever see these 'airplanes' landing on your street in front of your home. (Speaking USA)

    I have a robotic vacuum cleaner. I never thought I would own one.

    We just don't know what tomorrow will bring. Cars that don't run on gasoline as the majority of vehicles on the road would make me a happy camper. Gasoline is ridiculously expensive here these days.

    My sister had one of those robo vacuum cleaners, apparently it didn't like my sister and committed suicide by falling down a flight of steps.

    They are beginning to equip gas stations around me with Hydrogen fuel cell islands. Hydrogen makes more sense than electric with their very dangerous lithium batteries, not to mention toxic disposal. takes a long time to charge them where Hydrogen takes no longer than pumping gasoline into your tank. Also, the exhaust of hydrogen cars is water. Not sure what the future will bring in transportation and energy use but I'm personally convinced it will not be electric.

    Oh, sad to read about you sister"s vacuum Vinny. Mine detects stairs and I have a virtual wall. I must have a New And Improved model. ... Great information, regarding vehicles ... Thanks.

    Yah, I think it was one of the original Roombas. I forgot, but that was like 10+ years ago. Long time. Her cat hated it, it would go hide but in time it would find the cat and it would catscream in terror and run tail straight up.

    My dogs think it pretty odd as well. My Roomba murdered my laptop last week. Sooooo, I am thinking that a person needs a minimalist- style home without pets or people in order to accommodate Zoomba-Roombas.

    Maybe you can go pick up a 'Rosie the Robot maid like the Jetson's had.

    Now, that is a brilliant idea!

    Is there enough room for two,

    I like it fishy,has got enough room for a Kiln,to fire up the pottery,??


    Or 3?

    Most American made cars will actually fly at 170 MPH. However most will fly apart or crumple into a wad of metal. Tornadoes and hurricanes have demonstrated this remarkable ability of flying cars with and without occupants at the wheel.  If you really want a flying car you should check with weather folks for the most favorable place to visit.  


    Do you know the story of the guy that fitted a jet engine to his 'car' dont know what it was, anyway, he lit it up and within 10 seconds, totally under the thrust of the engine, left the ground and plowed into the side of a mountain, it exploded on impact, nothing left, s'posidly the black chard mark is still visible on the side of that mountain. I really don't know if its a true story bt it's a blast to tell. :)

    I remember that movie. Used a military rocket used to launch airplanes on short runways. A 45 second burn and 50,000 pounds of thrust. The car hit a bump and went into rocky hill. Mulder I think, but not an x-File.

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