Do you like bananas and can you freeze them?

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    Yes and yes. They are mush, after being frozen but can be used for "mushy things"....smoothies or baking.

    Banana - good!   I slice them onto cereal, including hot oatmeal.  I slice them and freeze them in plastic bags, too, like Julie.  They are great for smoothies.  Banana bread and banana cake, too. Mom ALWAYS ordered "banana nut cake" for our birthdays.  ALWAYS. 

    I do like bananas and there used to be a treat of frozen chocolate covered bananas!  If I froze bananas I would probably make bread or cake from them!

    I usually like bananas. I have some now that I was given. Very ripe. I froze them individually in baggies and use them for, you guess it, smoothies!

    Yes, and you can freeze them. Putting them in a smoothie gives you the coldness and more nutrition.

    Yes. Place on a stick, cover in melted chocolate and roll in walnuts, and then freeze. A great summer frozen treat for kids. Enjoy!

    I like bananas.


    One freezes bananas for banana bread.

    Obviously you are not as old as me.

    Fish of the day....


    Have yourself a glorious one!

    Yes I like bananas, I have one everyday. They are very good for you apparently, good for the stomach, and a good source of natural fibre and  sugar.

    I like bananas too!  I like apples better though, sometimes I wish I were a worm so I could live in an apple! But with my luck, I would be sold on the market and be eaten.


    And maybe someone would spit you out?

    I like dogs but I wouldn't want to be a worm so I could live in one (lol!)

    @Clonge...My first laugh of the day. Good one! LOL!!

    Clonge, but think! Wouldn't it be cool to be a dog for one day and do dumb dog things, well except for sniffing each other's butt. Can't have that. LOL!

    I Use to work in the cold room at nesl'e ,-40 c and quite often my Bannana,was as near as froze,


    Its were they use to make golden nescafe Ted,it is frozen dried,to keep more of its flavour,quite a complex operation,

    Banana and peanut butter on toast is a regular quick breakfast for me...  And they are good if added to brownies too...  Those over ripe ones can be added to such baked goods with no problem.

    tabber - yes you can freeze them - there was a machine advertised on TV shopping channel where the put the frozen banana minus skin into the machine with ice cream and other fruits. I also saw my neighbour put one in the microwave with skin once - to warm it up. I like bananas - good for you - lots of potassium - but fattening:) Whoa - always forget to read the other answers. I'm watching snooker - just knew you needed to know that and I am starving - I will eat my last banana:) Also so I understand bananas are the fruit which is so frequently thrown away (hundreds) as if not eaten they go off. When I froze a few put them in a plastic container - they came out quite hard?

    My mother had a friend who used to repeat the story about when she saw a shop selling bananas either during or just after the War, She bought one for about 1/6d and presented it to her daughter who said 'What's that, I'm not eating it, you haven't cooked it'.

    ( Bananas were not available during the War)

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