Have you ever felt the sting of any form of discrimination?

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    Yes.I am an Asperger and  I have been different all my life.

    terryfossil 1

    I know the Asperger thing Pikkut,however the one that suffers the most from it ,is my wife,she understands my problem,but says i am hard to live with,,for me ,i cannot see the problem,,but then that is the problem,,she says ,she knew i was different when we were married,,Now she knows why,,it is one of the reasons i like this site,i can say what i think and feel,without talking to anybody,,i reckon you know what i mean,,nice talking Pikkut,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,

    Terry, nice to know so I can see why you say what you do. I have known several folk with Asperger and understanding is not possible but reasonable acceptance is about as well as I can do. Thanks for being up-front about it. I have plenty of oddities about myself also.

    Can’t name who but I’ve been overlooked for being blond and white………..

    Yup but apparently it's annoying when I talk about my life here so that's all I'll say. 


    Doesn't annoy me! Let's hear it.(Imean see it LOL)

    Sure have, for being female, for being Caucasian, for being older, for being olive-skinned, for being overweight, for wearing glasses (four eyes), for being Armenian, for living in California (yep), for being single, married, AND divorced, for being American, for coming from "the other side of the tracks" that enough? 


    Bob you have seen it all. would make a great book.

    Who you kidding Bob,you look so young,

    My picture needs up daTing

    And for being bald, although I have the best come backs, used on high school boys, when I taught.

    Sure, when younger....skinny, rake, four eyes, freckles....when older, I find that apparently, white hair means either I am unlikely to be able to hear and/or I cannot grasp and/or I'm completely unobservant!         :)

    Yes England we have fallen from grace now,only to be sidestep by Bame to lose out to the French,

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