hey guys who likes the walking dead

    i am chandler riggs i play carl grimes 

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    Well that's interesting. I had one of the admin check your IP address. It says you are in Pennsylvania. Chandler lives in Georgia. I'm sure you wish you were Chandler but you're not. You said in another question that you are 14 years old. 14 years old is too old to be living in a fantasy world and pretending to be another person. Just be you. You may surprise yourself and turn out to be a better person than Chandler.

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    Greetings Chair-Chandler;


    Personally, dead walking people are a bit creepy.  Seriously speaking, the dead have gone into renal failure,  pooped their pants, their hair is still growing, rigor mortis has set in.   The last flipping thing.  Human beings tend to not look good when they are actually dead.


    Not saying that I don't own a miniature sarcophagus with Sean the mummy inside, because I actually do.  I do collect odd ball things.  However, I would never know or understand the hilarity of life if I chose to stick myself to a computer instead of seeing the world.


    The world is glorious.... good and bad, lessons to learn.


    Good luck with your internet game.


    Fish of the day....



    Have yourself a glorious one.


    Fish out!


    Death is forever.  Life is a fleeting moment. 





    i do cause i play him lol

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