It is 2.30pm in the morning and I should be in bed - but cannot sleep and my head is spinning - at the moment on the TV - have become such an addict - there is a documentary "Louis Theroux's LA Stories: City of Dogs - one part of three. It is about all the ferral dogs in LA most unwanted. I know it happens everywhere. There are these two guys going around collecting them for the love of dogs and taking them to a compound. One member of the staff saying some are taking xanax, antidepressants deal

    I cannot watch this hour long programme.  and I meant to say 2.30 am. yeah so sad do you not think - so helpless? Also put to sleep unavoidable in these large compounds - so little space. Staff working so hard to help these dogs - behaviour training etc. - Silly question and maybe not such a nice question but I found this to be surprising and I know many of you would find this distressing? Did not realize the question was so very long just wondered what you knew of this?       

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    That's very sad . There are gangs of feral dogs in Detroit too. Most or many of them are Pit Bulls. People get them and then they don't want them.So, they put them out to be a stray. The suburbanites do the same thing with Pit Bulls, only they put them in shelters. The Mich Humane Society shelters kills which ever dogs they can't find a home for   :-(


    Take care. :)

    The staff is taking Xanax, or giving it to the dogs ?


    mycatsmom - probably not so clear - the staff were taking the xanax and antidepressants because of the distress it was causing them.

    We've stopped watching those sought of programs at the moment, we find them really distressing. Hate seeing any animals neglected , the look on their faces is so very sad, you just want to help them all. 


    sunnyB you are so right - Aristotle probably the greatest Biologist ever said animals have souls and I believe him. I too do not watch these kind of programs usually but it was because it was in the States.

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