I have a 1999 Ford Taurus using antifreeze but no visible leaks

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    That's a good thing, isn't it?


    Not really. Antifreeze does not get used up really. This is why anti-freeze should be flushed yearly because it should be the same anti-freeze being recirculated for the year.

    I know this but the question is vague, surely you don't want leaks?

    No you do not want leaks but if it's using visible amount daily or weekly, there is a problem. The level will go down in extreme heat due to natural evaporation but regular temps, what is in the overflow tank should keep it level when it needs a little more or a little less. Yes, the question is vague. The amount it's losing would help.

    Technically it is the H20 element of the antifreeze that is evaporating. Nothing else would or could evaporate as all elements are bonded and are not lighter than air/oxygen. Therefore, the elements in the antifreeze need to find themselves unbounded, exhausted and find themselves in a state of oxidation in order to decompose over a very long period of time. The anti-freeze can only become a state of glue, then find it's self in 'rotting substance mode'.

    Hydrogen is lighter than air. That is why water evaporates.

    Flushing once a year makes complete sense. ... However, I could be wrong as this science was learned through biology and water culture as applied to Marine Keeping Environments.

    You might have a head gasket issue and the coolant may be going into your oil. You will know this of your exhaust is thick and white. You should not see your exhaust or see very little exhaust (unless of course it's cold out) if things are fine.

    Could be a sign of a head gasket problem, go see the mechanic...

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