Have you ever witnessed a crime in progress? If so, what if anything, did you do?

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    I saw a guy run up next to me at a drive-in restaurant, pulled a gun and shot  through the window at the driver and hit him in the head, killing him instantly.  Next car to me and my G'F.  What did I do???  I pushed my G/F down and laid on top of her hoping the guy would leave.  he did but was pretty stupid, he stayed there on the parking lot waving his gun, eventually, about 10 minutes there were about 20+ police cars surrounding the place and using megaphones telling us to stay in our cars.     He pointed the gun at the police and they all fired, this guy must have been hit 25 times.  terrible scene, I will remember it all my life. The guy was not only a murderer, he was stupid, there was nothing behind him but a closed off vacant construction site, giving the police a perfect background to shoot him and not hurt anyone else. 


    Vinny - what an awful experience - I have seen gun shots wounds - people coming in with all their clothes on straight onto the operaing table but cannot imagine how I would feel witnessing what you both did especially frightening for you with your girlfriend there - wow.

    The news reported that the guy that was shot was harassing the killer at a drive-in theater, there were two people in the victims car, the second person (female) was unhurt but when I saw her finally exit the car with police, I thought she was also hit, she was a mess. also, the guy that shot him had 3 other passengers in his car as I remember. police cuffed them too and took em away. The killers car pulled in just seconds after the victims car parked next to me. He parked in front of me and the victim's car making it impossible for either of us to leave. He just jumped out, yelled a few obscenities, put his gun to the closed driver's side window and fired, fortunately for us, the victims car was to my right so the killer's back was to us. Also the car on the other side of the victims car was not hit.

    Vinny - you were very brave. I am not at all surprised you cannot forget this - horrendous - and unable to escape - just sit through it - wow.

    Yes. Two incidents of shoplifting and one assault. In all cases, I reported it (to the store managers and to the police.) Obviously,I would not be stupid enough to approach any of the offenders, having some knowledge of store security, beginning 45 years ago, from an aunt who did that job, way back then. No one has the right to take things that do not belong to them. Nor should anyone be allowed to beat people up. I would hope that if a person was stealing my "stuff" or physically attacking me, someone would speak up for goodness sake! 


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    We need more like you Miss Ducky,

    Thanks hector but reporting crimes to the proper authorities just seems normal to me, at least where I live. Thankfully, people around here, do it all the time.

    Nothing too drastic. Seen a few shop lifters stuffing packaged meat down their pants in the supermarket. I choose to mind my own business.

    Clonge What would you have done here? Check out that pouch!

    I would have looked on in awe.

    Yup, that's what store security is for. We've had store employees arrested (if they touched the perp) or fired for trying to stop people who steal from the store. Store policy says to let the people steal rather than risk getting shot if the perp has a gun on their person. You could call the cops but they never arrive in time anyway.

    Yes, they have plain clothes store detectives that blend in with the shoppers.You would never pick them for store security.

    pythonlover - here I mind my own business - for me it is rather up to the person themselves and as Colleen says shop security. Although a friend and myself witnessed a verY old man being arrested many years ago for stealing a loaf of bread - hard to believe we thought. He was outside the shop at the time. I have been told nowadays they can only prosecute if the items are above a certain amount in some of the superstores - not sure about this though?

    Clonge me stupid - not sure if he is real - hope he is.

    I've never seen one, but my wife watched an armed robbery once. She was waiting for the bus, and it all happened across the road . It was on the television news that evening, and she calmly said ,oh , I saw that taking place today.

    the crime i usually is someone punching or slapping their baby or young child. i mostly always say something to the care giver  (or care hater). with mixed responses some are positive, some ignore, one lady became enraged and told me none of my business.


    Yes my car was hit by a car driven at speed by two of duty policemen,the driver of which was as drunk as could be,They were seen to change seats,My car was a right off,Witnesses,Court case,but they lied through thier teeth,What could one expect?????

    hector5559 Oh yes - you are back - so good. I witnessed a car accident once when to court and the inocent party did not turn up - well I wondered why did I bother - I would always help if I witnessed a crime - quite good these days everyone except me carry their cell phones with cameras. The good mobiles take good photographs - a friend of mine took some of animals - marmasites, peacocks etc. stunning! - one with me! Rare outing for me. One could expect no less - just no less - this is hardly shocking happens all the time.

    tabber - myself and a friend once spoke to a lady who was being unkind to her dog in the street. I also spoke to two guys who were kicking their dog on the pavement in front of this house - I said I would report them to the RSPCA. I just look sometimes in the supermarket when I see women dragging and speaking so sharply to their children - bored children - hate shopping.

    You Seem an understanding ,young lady Miss Poppy3,

    hector5559 - so kind of you - I do try to understand. This Poppy is far from young though. I do use the expression "I understand" a lot - people are very receptive to this providing you mean it if you do not you can use it and qualify it. You know like "but".

    When my first husband was about 12 he witnessed a murder. It was a man beating a woman over the head with a hammer. He was living on base, but I don't remember where. He was to afraid to tell his parents or anyone else when it happened, but it weighed heavily on his heart for years so he finally told me.  As far as I know he's not told anyone else about what he witnessed and he said the murderer has not been caught.  

    A guy, (bigger than me) attempted to punch me in order to rob me. I dodge very well, so he was throwing punches and hitting nothing. He continued swinging so I decided to change-up and throw a few punches of my own directly at his fists. He saw my attempt to hit his fists and stopped as I was about to break his fingers...and walked away declining to fight any longer.    

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