If you drive on a 3 lane highway/parkway/expressway, which lane do you prefer

    to drive in and why?

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    All three. I zig zag my way past all the "Duckys"


    Those are Canadian geese. Just ask Ducky.



    These lovely birds walk around in my neighbourhood. They are not good conversationalists but they do bring joy. They are not ducks. Ducks use the crosswalks, Geese do not.

    The Left.

    Or maybe the middle.

    I never swing to the right"

    Or do I?

    Go on then, please tell?

    Are you talking to us?

    Who the %$% are YOU?

    WHO? ME?


    Who? Clonge? Me?

    Middle lane. No worries about holding anyone up...they can dart left or right and I am not in their way, no matter what speed I am driving.


    If anyone passes you on the right, take the hint. YOU"RE DRIVING TOO SLOW !

    But staying in the middle is easier for me. You know how "indecisive" I am. :)

    I guess you can always flap your wings & go up to get out of the way too.

    They don't work so well in heavy traffic. :(

    I prefer the "fast" lane, but if the flow of traffic exceed 75 mph, you'll find me in the middle lane, because I don't want a speeding ticket EVER AGAIN. Generally, I stay out of the "slow" lane unless it's time to take an exit from the highway, but every once in a while, it's the right place for me to be.  Rule of thumb is I'll be in the lane that has the least amount of other vehicles in it! 
    I do tend to slow down when I'm being tailgated and am keeping up with the traffic in my lane, unless it's the "fast" lane.  I got out of the way of a speeding car one day and told my passenger, Mom, "There's an accident looking for a place to happen".  About three miles later (3 minutes maximum), the car had spun off the highway and was laying in a ditch.  


    MsBOB, is that correct you can do 75mph on your freeways, in OZ we have an absolute speed limit of 100k's (60mph), the law says if you going to pass another car/s and it's likely to exceed this limit you must stay behind --- idiotic. The hoons are usually the ones involve in ' or cause accidents for other's, i use to be a hoon when i was a teenager, the difference being the cars of today are much more powerful plus there was no texting way back then.:)

    Where I live the speed limit is never more than 70 but that stops few from driving as fast as ninety and sometimes more. Along interstate 10 outside El Paso the limit is eighty but you are to stay in the slow lane except to pass. It's nice on that as you see no more than three vehicles in the hours.

    All lanes and in both dirrections...but not at the same time.


    Wouldn't you get there quicker if you did do that, all at the same time?

    In an instant!

    Left lane, unless overtaking.


    Me too.It's actually the law now.:)

    Left Lane in the USA is the passing lane

    No REW the left lane is the, "I'm going to make you drive my speed" lane. It's the, "I'm going to sit in this lane and make you do the speed limit until you are forced to illegally pass me on the right", lane.

    Some drivers in this country think it's the passing lane too.

    I prefer the empty one, especially if it's in the middle on level ground.


    The middle most of the time. Our speed limit here is 70 mph, but if the conditions are good, ie dry weather and  good visibility the police will let you do 80 mph before they stop you. 

    I usually drive in the middle lane doing the speed limit, of course i use the outside lane for passing if there is a road hog blocking my lane, i don't know about Nth. American road laws, here if the speed limit is 80ks or more the outside lane must be only used for over taking, of course in peak time traffic this does not apply  as all lanes are going at the same speed, which for me is a pain in the a###e. :)

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