What sport or event(s) would you choose? 
    I'd like to be a professional tennis player or golfer (outdoor sports).  If I were an Olympic competitor, gymnastics or swimming. Never been a fan of snow, but I would love to have the courage to ski right off a "runway" and do flips in the air, landing on my feet and coming to a "screeching" halt.

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    Definitely a football player, I played semi pro for a wee while, never good enough or professional enough, a dream really!

    I wish I could play like this guy.




    I'm impressed with you! That looks like "soccer" to me, and I played center fullback (poorly, but I played) in college, the first team at my alma mater.
    Before their teens, my sons played and suffered my coaching for a season or two. My middle son was pretty darned good for a wh*te boy.

    No P, it's FOOTBALL! Played with the "feet",the wee guy in my picture is Lionel Messi, he plays for Barcelona, probably the best football player I have ever seen, only problem is he is Argentinian and not Scottish.

    SOCCER! (See the "socks".)

    SOCCER IS DEFINED AS a form of football played between two teams of 11 players, in which the ball may be advanced by kicking or by bouncing it off any part of the body but the arms...

    Cycling, it's something I do regularly. I can't keep up with the youngsters anymore though, so I just go at the pace that suits me now. If I were 30 years younger, that would be something I'd like to compete at.


    We have "bike clubs" here, one that trains for 5 months for a 60 mile ride to support breast cancer. It's just women in that one. I think the pace that suits you will take you further and be more enjoyable than trying to keep up with whippersnappers!
    Very cool you enjoy regular rides. Betting you are in pretty good shape!

    In my youger days I was a strong swimmer.Not fast,but I could do the distances.I was also quite a challenge on the squash court.I played fixtures for quite a few years.It kept me fit.


    That's the cool thing about swimming; you don't HAVE to be fast. It helps when you're trying to get away from a shark, maybe...
    Good to see you on site. Itsmee sends you her best. She has moved on from akaQA. She remembers you most fondly.

    Give my regards to Itsmee.Things are settling down.I'm feeling a little better.Smoking is (Almost) a thing of the past.:)

    Will do. Good for you to quit smoking; everyone who cares about you (includes me) is sincerely happy for you!



    I'm sure it's not as glamorous as it seems though.

    Playing in 100* weather, humidity, rain, not to

    mention the injuries....shoulders, knees, backs.

    (But if they call, I'll give it a try.     lol)


    Of course, you know I wasn't expecting any other answer from you!

    So predictable. :)

    Well, if "golf" is a logical answer....

    As you can see in my photo I have the build for a long distance runner. But I know if I got out of my chair I would be a great sky diver because every time I jump off something I never fail to fall.


    I don't understand friend. You appear to be in such GREAT shape! LOL!!

    friendindeed... you are a blessing. I can't explain how much I appreciate your humour. It is a "Quack Up!".... waddle waddle >

    My #1 choice will be an professional tennis player.

    For the Olympics, an ice skater.

    Cricket,football,gymnastics,swimming,boxing,tennis,table tennis,high jump,ten pin,swimming,diving,And yes i have played all those sports at different levels..i guess you would say i was a Jack of all trades, Master of none....>>>>>>>><<<<<<<<..


    No cricket in the olympics, thank goodness,this TU comes all the way from Kirkcaldy Galleries (my work) at the moment.
    terryfossil 1

    Hopefully talking to me during your lunch break...your boss might not like that..All the best mate..<<<<<<<<>>>>>>>..

    Nope, not lunch, "working" in the museum, very quiet at the moment mate.
    terryfossil 1

    Not yet retired mate..?????

    7 years before that officially kicks in.

    Kirkaldy Galleries? You've graduated (or been demoted) from the library or is it all together in the same building? In either case, I guess you still can't talk? :)
    terryfossil 1

    @ Roy,our retirement has been lifted from 65 to 67,,this month next year i will be officially retired,i kick in just before the new laws come in to your retirement age 66..??????>>>>>>><<<<<<<

    Terry, our retirement age was raised a couple of years ago to 66 for my age group, women now retire the same age as men, my sons generation have a current retirement age of 70, it will probably rise or be abolished after I'm pushing up the daisies, there are reviews all the time.

    Ducky, Kirkcaldy Galleries is one big old building that recently went through a £2.5m refurb, the library, museum and galleries are all amalgamated now, we all have a rota to do time in each of them.
    Check it out...

    Meet you Monday at noon at Café Wemyss, okay?

    As long as you let me pay, it's a date. BTW, the cafe doesn't open till 12noon on a Monday, coffee will be lovely and fresh.

    Perfect! Bring CB along too. Oh, and tell your employer that you'll need a very loooooooong break on Monday. lol

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