Should prisoners be eligible to receive expensive medical therapies for illnesses ?

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    They're human beings, IMO they should get what they deserve, there are ALWAYS exceptions though.

    I thought doctors were committed to providing the best possible medical care to all human beings. No one should be deprived medical treatment.


    pythonlover - indeed the are - they have to abide by the Hypocratic Oath.

    ANYbody should be able to receive aid if it’s available(medical  help). Especially when it comes to life. When you write prisoners, are you talking about lifers or just anybody in jail? Jail is a punishment and not a death sentence………..


    jhhartan - I agree Julie.

    I agree, but people on the outside don't get medical care, b/c they don't have the money.

    mycatsmom - this is a dicotomy which needs to be sorted by your government - a much talked about issue at the moment - healthcare. Televised here recently a man in Las Vegas - with a condition which was extremely debiliting to his life from birth - He must have been in his late 30's when someone volunteered money in fact maybe a Surgeon volunteered to do this free of charge - shortly after his discharge - he sadly died this year I believe from his diabetes related illnesses. I only saw a snippet of this on a program here called "gogglebox".

    At least we do not use them for medical testing, they should be thankful for that...  I think it is still done in China. 

    Here's some information I found in the Federal Register:

    The fee to cover the average cost of incarceration for Federal inmates in Fiscal Year 2010 was $28,284. The average annual cost to confine an inmate in a Community Corrections Center for Fiscal Year 2010 was $25,838.

    As far as expensive medical procedures, I first have to ask, "Is there any other KIND?"
    That said, I think it would be a viable option to have the prison populations be patients of residents. The time should be voluntary, or the medical professional could receive "pay" by way of excusing some portion of student loans, certainly not the full cost of what the procedure would cost, but something that makes it worthwhile for the resident and the taxpayer at the same time.  
    Should they receive expensive therapies and treatments?  It should be offered, but not mandatory. Too bad it's not so easy for the rest of us to get expensive medical therapies.


    you do get doctors and dentists attending  to prisoners in jail,,but some of them you would not go to on the outside,,


    Myself and a colleague used to provide dental treatment for prisoners. The advantage was that the prison service paid the fees, and the prisoners were sometimes interesting people.



    terryfossil 1

    Sorry Nom,my experience is with Aussie dentist in jail..believe me i went through a lot of pain,,,,i am sure you were a good dentist,,,,did they pay a good wage
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    Yes in most cases, it depends on what their crime was. Some don't deserve to live.


    sunnyB - Do you really believe this - even the people who you think are bad are sometimes actually the victims - while they are alive of course they should receive care for the benefit of them and those around them. And no I do not believe in capital punishment (fortunately we do not have this in the UK)which you are indirectly suggesting but also do not believe in pain and suffering of the living.

    I agree that a lot of people who commit crimes need help poppy, but yes I do believe in the death penalty for certain murders, ie innocent children, and cold blooded murders like that of Lee Rigby. I live in the UK too, and I remember when we had the death penalty, and it was a deterrent. We may have to agree to disagree on this.

    The death penalty is a deterent to the person receiving it to commit another heinious murder.

    mycatsmom - this is debatable - but threat is one thing while capital punishment another.

    sunnyB - I am so aware of some of these horrendous henous crimes especially to innocent children. I used to and still do but try not to go to bed and ask myself how many children, animals and women of course in a minority are being abused tonight - all behind closed doors - causing me pain as I worked with children. Unfortunately, for people who are psychotic there isn't even any known psychiatric help for them but I feel capital punishment is Man playing God. We may have to agree to disagree - did you ever see the film - "The Green Mile" - amazing film - amazing actor who died last year but I cannot remember his name - this illustrates how innocent people can be executed in error. There was also a hanging here where later the person a woman was found to be innocent - it was a lady and I cannot remember her name - I believe also one of the first to be hanged under this system.

    In Australia, prisoners get better medical than most pensioners, also have three regular meals a day, i'm afraid i do not agree with a lot of the answers, they are in a so called prison, not a hotel and should be treated as such. (:


    bulletman - who is asking for a hotel. Depending on the crime though - In Holland far more progressive than we are - families I believe are allowed to stay - the rate of reoffending is far better there - everyday offences that is not hideous crimes.

    not untill people out here with no health insurance can have expensive thourough medical care. And not untill the old folks on the medicaid hall in a nursing home can have just has high tech care as the people in private pay rooms and medicare rooms.

    There are a lot of people in the U.S. who can't afford Obama care b/c they live paycheck to my friend, Angie, and my g.friend's son, Glenn, who has stage  IV lung cancer.They never go to doctors b/c the office visit price is too high.....and the meds that come with it.


    Really good point, MCM. Not only do prisoners cost us upwards of $30,000 EACH, we have the responsibility of taking care of their exceptional medical needs as well. Something doesn't add up, does it.
    Sorry to hear about Glenn; his mom must be heartbroken. :(

    shercrst - I am having trouble trying to understand why you are asking this question. When you say expensive medical therapies - how do you know this - it seems rather imotive to say "expensive". I realize that medical care in the states is not free at the moment but any human being deserves help where ever they are - presumably those who cannot afford help for ordinary medical care - I am sure and hope get help.

    For the run of the mill illnesses - these can prove to be more of a problem i.e. on going if they do not get help and prove to be "expensive" Some may have contagious illnesses which would affect all around them to include the staff. Interesting to know you say "expensive" therapies - what in the world might these be. Regarding treatment of illness and suffering this is not  up for question - of course they should be treated.

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