Grammar question: Is it "a bunch of us was" or "a bunch of us were"? Is "bunch of" a singular or a plural in that case?

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    Were and plural.  


    Thanks, but I need more precise info in order to believe you know what you're talking about. Can you explain WHY this is the case? "A bunch of grapes" is a singular. Why isn't "a bunch of us" also singular?

    Because people are not grapes. We do not grow in a connected cluster. Grapes grow in clusters and are connected by the vine making it a single unit. The rules change for singular units that do not grow in clusters and are attached to each other. A bunch of geese would be plural also as there is more than one goose though it is not connected to the other geese. "A bunch of" is not proper English anyway. "A group of" (people) or "a cluster of" (grapes) or "a gaggle of" (geese) is proper English. Little kids would say a bunch of.

    Now if you want to make the group (or bunch as you call it) a single unit, then you need more than one bunch or group. There are 3 groups all performing different tasks. Group 1 cleans. Groups 2 sets up. Group 3 serves. Each group is a single unit among other units. They however are not bunches.

    You should ask your questions in entirety. You did not ask for the rules to be explained, you only asked what to use and if it was singular or plural. I answered according to what was initially asked. Sorry, I missed the mind reading class. If you doubt any answers you are given here, refer to your class text book or ask your teacher.

    So Colleen - No purple people? Neither in bunches nor clusters? LOL:)

    Didn't you hear? Purple people are extinct. They got eaten up by the Purple People Eater of the 70's. I think they may have been called a peck of purple people.

    my laugh for the day. this is such a humorous conversation!
    terryfossil 1

    so who picked the peck of pickled peppers peter piper picked,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,

    Well Peter Piper did of course. Have you ever eaten a pickles pepper? I've had roasted peppers but not pickles peppers.

    A bunch of grapes is one bunch, so it is singular.  "A bunch of grapes is hanging from the vine.  Bunches of grapes ARE hanging from the vines."   
    You have a good question.  If you used the word "group", I would say, "A group of us ARE going to the store".  But, I would also say, "A group is going to perform on Saturday at the school".  I think I am correct in both of those sentences.  SO, I think that when you add a quantity to what constitutes a bunch or a group (as in "us"), you pluralize it.  


    Does the group,at the store have a grop,at the grapes,while others are gaping at thier antics,

    A group of grapes is a bunch. Groups of grapes are bunches. Groups of us are eating bunches of grapes. A bunch of grapes is being eating by a bunch of us?
    Munch a bunch, got a hunch?
    Troupe of group, both like soup.

    k.d. let me take a stab (not literally) at this question.  "a bunch of us was" is slang. and that's how a lot of people talk, particularly southerners and blacks from the south. that way of talking has been adopted by people wanting to be cool and hip and used a lot in hip hop culture.  "a bunch of us were" is proper english and the correct way to say it for this sentence.  with regard to singular or plural . . . 'bunch implies plural.  bunch is many. many is plural. you're welcome.


    I'm confused, LOL (((hugs)))


    Here's what I think we are all missing: "A bunch of us" is a phrase (sorry - I can't think of the proper name for that kind of phrase) and implies a plural, whereas "a bunch" is a noun and as such is singular. One could substitute "group" for "bunch" and it would still work the same way:

    "The group is going to an art exhibit" vs "A group of us are going to..."

    By the way, I know you both like to point out that "a bunch of us" is slang, but that is not my question (and the Cambridge Dictionary doesn't seem to agree with you). Also, I have no idea what kind of hip-hopper would use such an un-hip expression, but that still is off-subject. I do wonder, however, why tabber thinks that "southerners and blacks from the south" are two different, ummm, groups. Hmmm...
    No matter what, thank you all for playing!

    Thank you for using akaQA as your personal playground/romper room. Hope the Easter Bunny brings you jelly beans and not, well, you know :)

    A bunch of us sounds like vegetables. I do not care what Webster's says. It allows the word ain't. That should never have happened. Ain't is uneducated speech.

    k.d. i did not say southerners and blacks are two different. southerners can be black, white, hispanics, asians etc. if they were born and/or raised in a southern state of the united states. i pointed out blacks because many blacks from the south and migrated to northern cities to get to freedom. also blacks started most of the slang lexicon and started music genres such as spiritual, jazz, rock and roll, soul (which many singers sing now a days) also rap and hip hop. So the cool way of talking started after jazz came about. so to be bebop and a cool cat, people started talking like the black man's slang. there's research on this topic. my sister got a degree in English and was an editor at stanford university. she had a book that talked about the origin of language and slang in the english language used in the united states. it said the italian language contributed to words that describe food, spaghetti, macaroni, linguine etc. it talked about what other cultures have contributed to english usage. it said most ideas used in advertising and cool slang came from cool words african american people put together. valley girl slang came out about 20 years ago. the young people under 30 are developing another type slang right now. it takes wendy williams to talk about how some of the young people talk. 'it's all good'. that came from m.c. hammer.

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