when a toddler starts eating adult food ,and having healthy bowel movements is it common to see a little redness around the anus or is it a sign that they might have food allergys that are life threatening?

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    I wouldn't worry about it unless it gets worse. You know to introduce foods one at a time. That way you can monitor your child's reaction. A food journal wouldn't be a bad idea.

    How big are the child's bowel movements? and how frequent? Our daughter had a hard time with people food, sometimes crying for an hour before going, Then it would be huge and like a rock. We started giving her prunes and in no time she was having normal bowl movements. She still eats two to three prunes a day.


    One of my sons struggled with the same problem. Actually, he clogged up the toilet one day, and he was no older than 8. Rough times...

    When in doubt, ask the child's pediatrician. I think the redness is cause by the anus getting accustomed to pushing solids.  


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