Do you boomers remember "live colored chicks" being sold for Easter?

    they were all colors, dyed with food coloring, I think.  Also, sold or given away as incentives at Easter time.  My dad bought a television, and was given a pink chick.  Since there were 3 boys at the time, he had to buy 2 more.  They did not live long, the stress of the dye and improper handling, sold singly, etc. 

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    That's what I was going to say,Bustie, that it killed a lot of the chicks. I see it as abuse. Glad they don't do it anymore.And the chicks were prob hungry and thirsty and cold ; and needed their mother hen.

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    Yes, I remember them well!  All the pretty pastel Easter colors, chickens were $1.00, ducks were $1.75.  I kinda remember they had them in closed glass cases with a heatlamp inside.  PETA jumped all over this as most did die due to stress.   I remember having a few of them. They also sold bunnies that were dyed.  They were much higher but I forgot, I couldn't afford one, I do remember that.

    I remember them very well.


    They were in pet stores every Easter.


    Peep, peep, peep... And they also had dried, or stuffed ones, from Japan.

    My aunt gave one to her son for Easter. He named it Colonel Corn.   Colonel Corn didn't last long he was ambushed by a bike tire.

    Vaguely. We did have some chicks (all natural) who were like pets, running to the door every time it opened. 
    I remember the little turtles with painted shells more vividly.

    They are still sold in Spain.

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