Brushing teeth with salt.........

    Do you ever remember your mother or grandmother brushing her teeth with salt, or salt water ?  I have a vague memory of my mom brushing my teeth with salt when I was real little, but then toothpaste came in . Remember the jingle......" You'll wonder where the yellow went.When you brush your teeth with Pepsodent " And remember the Ipana Bucky Beaver comercials ?

    I once read that a dentist said that he never saw a person with gum disease who had brushed his/ her teeth with salt.

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    that's a good tip! salt and warm water is also a good gargle for sore throat.


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    We used salt to clean our teeth when I was  child, back in the 50s. We couldn't afford toothpaste, and I never had any fillings until I was about 45 yrs old. Salt makes your mouth feels really fresh.


    maybe that's why my mom taught me to brush my teeth with salt in the 50s. It must work better than floride, b/c you never had any fillings till you were about 45 !

    Well I'm pretty sure it must have something to do with it, because I have always eaten a lot of sweets ,and other things that are supposed to be bad for the teeth.

    We used to brush our teeth with salt and/or baking soda, as kids, but only when we ran out of toothpaste. I have read current information that says that these products are too abrasive. Who knows? I still have my "real teeth".       :)


    But where do you keep them over night Miss Ducky,??

    In my mouth.

    They're only abrasive if you brush with straight salt. You're supposed to put a little in an ounce or so of warm water,stir it, and after it dissolves, brush.

    Ha Ha., Hector. She keeps her real teeth stuck in her gums all day and all night.

    Baking soda has helped keep my teeth clean and less dingy. I use toothpaste,  wet the brush and paste, then dip it into a jar of baking soda. Coat my teeth with the mix for a minute, then brush.


    Sorry Bob, I think I clicked the wrong button. I meant to give you a TU .

    No worries.

    And i think you have lovely teeth Bob,espicialy when you smile,

    You are sweet.

    I do it that way too, but I can't say that baking soda makes them sparkling white.

    I have heard of warm salt water as a gargle for a sore throat. Never knew you could use it for your teeth. Another good teeth clean is Bi-Carbonate of Soda mixed as a paste with Hydrogen Peroxide.

    I often did as a kid and teen. Salt is a good abrasive for your teeth and won’t irritate the teeth…...


    My bro claims it'll wear off the enamel.I'll go with what you tell me.Thx.

    I knew an old bloke who brushed his teeth with salt.He lived to 81 & never had a filling,so there is something in it.


    He could have been blessed with really good teeth. I have really good teeth. I know people who have crummy teeth. It might not have one single thing to do with the salt and everything to do with removing tartar, brushing and a great big stroke of genetic luck.

    Thx for letting us know that, Tommy. that's a good testament for salt. My aunt too, died with all her real teeth at 83. I think she brushed with salt for the first half of her life.

    Nothing will happen much, except for a very clean mouth, and a salty taste. The the sodium chloride has an effect on the enamel structure of the tooth. What is means is, it is possible to remove stains on your teeth, such as coffee stains, tea stains, and wine stains. Just don't brush your teeth too much, or else you can eat away your teeth.


    hello, Monicasupe, Thank you for your input

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