What was the scariest thing you ever experienced?

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    This movie scared the S*** out of me


    Nice calming fish now.....................



    The sequel was better."Reposessed".

    TThhheeeyyyyy'rreee bbbaaacckkkkk !

    Well, Don== Being stoned I'll bet you loved the green barf!! LOL :)

    ....I could not tell if that was a particular moderator or not.

    Took a wrong turn on a road trip and ended up driving through the Smokey Mountains, at night, in the fog on narrow, winding roads. Couldn't turn around, had to keep going....higher and higher, then started down the other side. Longest trip towards DEATH that I've experienced before or since. Yikes!!!




    i experienced a trip like that on a narrow road, very very scary indeed.

    i was at a party with a few bikies,a punch up kicked off,one of them pulled a pistol from his jacket,and wacked one of our guy's over the head with it,a couple of us headed for him,he pointed the gun at us, or rather at me,,he was about 2 meters from me,i remember looking at the end of the gun, it was pointed at my gut and i stupidly tensed up ,expecting the bullet to hit,,he said "keep coming and i will put a hole in you",,i happily obeyed,he backed out the door, got on his bike and left, i sat down and scolled my next beer,,,,still here to talk about it,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,

    I was driving my family over Pacheco Pass (Highway 152), in the middle of three lanes.  I went around a curve and the mountain "opened" up to the reservoir, which passed under the road we were traveling on, about 100 feet below.  The wind was whipping and blew our van into the far right lane.  Had we been in the right lane to begin with, we'd have been blown over the guardrail. 


    I hate mountains!!

    Your memory was very scary and prompted my aswer. Narrow roads,vertical drops, who needs 'em. I drove my kids to Cambria for a few days and it was raining so hard in the mountains, I pulled off the road. The wipers couldn't go fast enough to keep the windshield clear for 2 seconds. When I married, we drove across the US and into Canada (fantastic trip). I "got" to drive through Wyoming, at night, steep mountains that went up for hundreds of feet before a tiny peak and then straight downhill. Not a streetlamp in sight and a cloudy sky; it was sooooo dark and my hands were sweaty with fear. (I'm like that on high bridges, too.)

    Same here on bridges unless I've driven over it several times. A "new bridge" gives me an odd feeling in my stomach! :(

    Me, too. The steep ones, of course, scare me more. I cross the Golden Gate and Bay Bridges occasionally and am not too scared. Have you seen the photos of some highway construction in Europe that spans hundreds of miles and is 200+ feet above the ground? Is that for real?

    I haven't.

    Riding in a car at 130mph and hitting the guard rail…..


    Gas peddle seized up,eh ?

    H.M, you must have been late for a date .
    Headless Man

    No my brother was driving home from a ball game with four in the car (53 Lincoln) when someone said what will this thing do, after we hit the guard rail we flipped end over end 3 times and landed on the wheels, I was the only one left in the car, thinking all was dead I got out unhurt and everyone was walking around unhurt.
    GOD is good, all the time.

    Yikes! One thing about them old cars -They were made to take a beaten!

    A house fire in the middle of the night! Woke up smelled smoke, looked out bedroom door saw flames laid back down! Then jumped up ran to rear of house grabbed the baby and ran to neighbors home.  It was the middle of winter and my pajamas and the babys clothes on her back  were our material possessions.  Our life's were ours, THANKFULLY!


    IOUTU :)

    That's terrible, Clu, but glad you and the baby made it.

    Paid! :)

    When I was a about six years old my father drove this old retired school bus for our church in order to pick up kids that lived too far out to come to vacation bible school. Here in Richmond, VA. we have a very steep hill downtown on 26th street, it runs about three blocks and ends at a canal at the bottom. The road at the bottom of the hill is just a few yards from the canal and there is a train trestle that runs right down the middle of it.

    One day my father had to go down that hill and as we started down the bus began to go a little fast, so my father reached down and put his foot on the brake and it went completely to the floor and had no effect. We began to really pick up speed because the hill is pretty steep. I was sitting behind my dad and I saw him reach down and try to put the bus into a lower gear in order to slow it down, but all that happened was the gears made this horrendous grinding sound. Dad tried several times, all to no avail.  Meanwhile, the other children were screaming and crying for their mothers or just screaming in terror. I was almost petrified and all I could think to yell was " Turn dad, turn dad, turn dad."

    Well, as luck would have it we caught green lights all the way to the bottom with my father struggling to slow the bus down. To this day, I don't know how he did it, but as we reached the bottom he yanked the steering wheel hard to the left and wrestled that old piece of junk right between the pilings of that train trestle. We ran across a narrow strip of dirt that bordered the canal and around the next piling and back on to the road where the bus rolled to a stop. He spent the next five or ten minutes calming the us kids down and then walk to a gas station down on the corner and called the church to tell them what happened. The minister and half a dozen other cars showed up to give us rides to the church. My father and I, along with several other kids rode with the minister and another man and along the way my dad told them what had occurred and they started laughing and to this day I don't understand how that was possible because I didn't see anything funny in the situation, let me tell you. Anyway my father, who was never a patient or tolerant man told the minister to go to hell and we never attended that church again. In fact, I don't remember going to church anymore after that.

    I know that memories are not always reliable and I don't know how fast we were really going or how precarious the turn was the bottom of the hill, but that is the way I remember in my six year old mind. But, what I do know is that the terror was real.


    Very scary for little kids. I'm sure none have ever forgotten it.

    My heart goes out to your dad (and all of you who were children in that bus). One of my fears is losing my brakes (in any situation).Your dad was a hero that day and should have been treated accordingly. I'm ashamed for the two men who laughed. That story would never, ever, be funny to me.

    I’ve never been scared out of my wits or perhaps for a little while. The OMEN (movie) kept my dog from eating for 3 days…………view it here:


    Birth and Doc slapping me across the back with his rough hands. I immediately thought of being hit by a bus in an intersection. All I could do was cry. I still remember that in detail. 

    When my wife had necreatizing pancreatitis and emergency surgery was performed, at second hospital, after she spent 28 days at first getting no care and sicker.  The Dr. then called a family meeting and told us her chances for survival were 50%.  One year later after more surgeries and complications, he fessed up that in actuality the chances were actually only maybe 30% survival!  She is doing well today, with some residual problems, but alive!


    That`s GREAT that she`s doing well!..Am sure the holiday will help too!XX

    I'm glad she's doing well now Ray, give her my regards.

    Thank you both, she is lucky to be alive, her grandkids gave her the drive to get better!

    Had to go down to Medical Records in Victorian workhouse hospital @night...only spsed to go down there in twos due to ghostly sightings..but needed patient`s records Urgently! was pretty scary!!

    When the doctor diagnosed my daughter with bone cancer.


    that is scary. how is she doing? God bless you.

    She was 16 at the time. First diagnosis was Osteo-Sarcoma, then changed to Osteo-Blastoma. Tumor was removed, grew back six months later and removed again. I'll never forget the angel who told me she would be alright. Doctors still don't know how it happened, but I do. Always trust in angels. She's 28 and an ER Nurse and awesome.

    witchway what great story. i am so happy to hear your daughter is doing great and working in a great field.

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