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    how cute. Is that you, Figtree ?

    That's my Grandfather on my Dad's side.

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    I think he is hiding behind the house, as he didn't want to go to church that day!

    I would love the have this photograph hanging in my apartment and then listen to my friends make captions………...


    Just right-click on the picture and choose 'Save As'. You can then print it out from your computer. I got it from a while back.

    This 100+ year old portrait of a young boy?  Who was he? What was he doing? When was this taken? Where was this picture taken?  Why are you offering it to us?  
    You can send it to me, if you like.  I have a wall of VERY old photos...people I knew or was related to, of course, but still..


    This is Jack Axel, my Dad's Dad. He is 5 years old in this picture. I guess it was somewhere in Oregon. My Dad only remembers seeing him once when he was also 5 years old and he and his sister were rejected by Bio-Dad. He grew up to be a barber in Portland, OR.

    Wow. It is amazing to have this photo of Jack still in the family heirlooms. Did your grandparents (his folks) give it to you? Did you ever speak to or meet your grandfather?

    Nope. I believe that he found it necessary to stay away from my Dad's mother. I found the picture on

    There is just no such thing as a 100% functional, happy, loving family. Sad for all of us.
    It is very cool you found the photo. Ancestry. com must really be on the up and up! I'll have to see what it can tell me about my maternal grandmother. Her name was spelled phonetically when she arrived in the U.S., and no one alive knows how it was spelled in German.

    That's true Bob.
    His outfit is amazing!
    I believe that's a knit cap on the ground, just to the right of his boot. There's a pompom on top!

    It would be interesting to know the circumstances behind the photo!

    What does the bidding start at ?


    5 Karma.

    Cute grandpa! Atleast you have something to relate to. Hang the pic in your living room - a great conversation piece. 

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