so called refugees (illegal boat people ) say Australia will have 9/11 if we do not let them into Aussie and F-Australia..and i say to them,be grateful we are towing you back to Indonesia ,,instead of drowning you.....

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    Was reading some statistics about California and illegals this morning.  There was a big really at the community college last week.  The illegals actually had signs and were parading around.  "Undocumented and Unafraid" 
    It bothers me quite a bit; I think illegals should be deported, but I think the opportunity to immigrate should be available.  I firmly believe people with criminal convictions should not be allowed to travel, and when arrested for something, should be deported immediately.  I could elaborate with reasons but need to get moving on some chores.
    (Will post the statistics later)
    Fish of the AFternoon


    I’ve made friends with some illegals and you know what? They are just people!



    terryfossil 1

    nobody is debating that JH,,the point is they are illegals,,they are not allowed into another mans country unless ,invited or accepted,,if a million Japanese turn up on your shores in boats,that would be called invasion,,,,,,always nice talking JH,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,

    Always my pleasure………..

    Whales are people too ;-)

    If we went to Mexico, Cuba, or any other country that they flee from, how many services would be provided for us.  With us doing things legal, trying our best to pay our fair share, and also, hope that our children would have a better world to bring up their families in, it is not fair for us to pay for others who come and abuse our systems! 

    terryfossil 1

    you are on the money Busty,,we think alike,,is this called racism?????

    Hear hear. Precisely!
    I don't like paying for "our own" who abuse the social services system, and I know plenty of those folks...

    Not in my book, it is not racism, as I have done nothing against a race, just stated the facts!

    And Sharks have to eat too, Terry, if they try to venture off in an inner tube, and sharks get them, it is nature, I guess!

    Everybody is welcome here.But....You have to come in the front door.
    terryfossil 1

    and they know exactly where the front door is Tommyh

    Well said, same in US, although the politicians are looking at illegals as new voters, with them trying to change laws for that.

    I wish the U.S. would have sent back the Marilres (sp) back to Cuba in the 70s. Cuba had emptied out their jails and sent them to us on a boat.


    MCM, what if you were on that boat?
    terryfossil 1

    i do not have a problem if they are true refugees MCM..but they are not,,they are simply lousey queue jumpers. keeping a real refugee in a cell............

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