Do you have your springs clothes, and gardens ready for the new season?

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    What state do you live in,Tabby ?

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    I have so few clothes that fit, they are all in my closet and drawers already, no matter what season.  I have several containers with the stuff that I'm too big for, and I WILL be wearing most of them again, likely by summer (gives me 90 days to shed 10 pounds...doable). 
    As for the garden, I have only the two front beds (the back yard has literally gone to the dogs). It is colorful and blooming with annuals that are perennially appearing.  I'm enjoying snapdragons, petunias, alyssum, some stuff that smells like honey, pansies, desert rose on its way. I have geraniums, ornamental grasses, some daisy-like things, and these:  ""How about you tabber?




    Who's that......the man from the Dos XXs comercial ?

    We have more snow predicted for next week, I only can plan on paper for garden so far.  And same for spring clothes, too cold yet.  I did sneak a ride on my bicycle today, first of season, just 2 miles. 

    country bumpkin

    Kudos 2 you! 2 miles is fantastic! I used to ride 5 miles a day with my baby boy on the back of my bike. That's not much mileage for a 28-29 year old mother, but I enjoyed doing it.

    Words cannot describe my answer to your question.


    Greetings from a cold part of Canada!!!

    It's been a rough winter where I live.

    (Give us another 6 weeks or so!!!)    :(




    That's what I said, Ducky .Greetings from the great,white north.

    Spring Greetings Tabby Tabs;


    One must have a check list during this exercise...

    Feet: Pedicure ready > Check!

    Hands and nails:  Smooth, groomed and ready for cute color that matches the toenails > Check!

    Adorable dresses: Check!

    New Spring outfits that follow the fashion trends of the day yet fit into one's lifestyle: Check!

    Completely adorable shoes and Spring time shoe shopping extravaganza: Check!  ... Mother Unit has booked her plane ticket for fun filled three weeks of 'fashion fantastic'.... Yay! Check!

    New haircut: > Check!

    Heels of feet completely moisturized :> Check!

    Wardrobe change, coats, hats, underwear... No No, No and Check!

    Earrings: Can't decide yet.

    Diet and Exercise change ::: One definite YES!  < Talked the significant other into "The Plan" this year.  Looking and feeling good.

    Sustainable seeds healthy: Check!

    Laying plans for growing new vegetables: Somewhat check!. as our taste buds are exploring new things to grow.... we may have some building to do.

    Sun is shining: Check! 

    Light bulbs actually working in the kitchen, canning, preserving part of the house: (horrible job) Check!

    Spring Cleaning completed: 60% .... Not "Check!" yet.

    Dogs (Zee Poopays) Finally trained after all these years:  It's a flipping miracle. ... Now I am teaching them to smile.  Adorable.  The Fluff-Bugs will do anything for probiotic yogurt.  Do they look completely gorgeous when I take them out for walks sans raincoats?: Check!


    Fish Image of the Day!


    The Spring, Summer, Autumn and Winter cleaning fish.

    Winter is Over!!!

    F-O :)

    country bumpkin

    Roy's daughter is cutting my hair in the morning, Check.

    That is wonderful: Check! Spring Time brings Love and Joy.... also an eternity of wonder.

    The little birds are arriving to make babies in my bird houses: Check!
    country bumpkin

    I love spring, It's my favorite season. Hearing the birds chirping outside my bedroom window in the morning and watching them build nests for their babies always keeps me grinning from ear to ear.

    The magnolias are in 'bud zone'. Flora and fauna, my favorite time of the year. ... That and I am still in Pre-Allergy Season :)

    Spring clothes are in bin, in storage room, I need to inventory and buy new as needed, soon.  We have a trip booked for Bermuda, for next month, and must be ready for that...   As for gardens, I have a small one that I plant, I till neighbors also.   This year both kids have new homes, and they need new ground tilled for gardens, so I will be busy, busting ground! 

    Yeah!We are ready in our vacation.Because our season here summer.We will swim in a resort.I have a goggles to bring with and my swim suit.Yippie!




    El, what country do you live in ?

    In Philippines.


    Are you kidding ? We still have snow on the ground. Some places have melted off, and the grass and plants are very dead looking.We're still wearing winter coats and hats and other winter clothes.

    No..I just wear my PJ`S ALL year round!:-)



    :-)Seriously cool!;-)LOL

    :-)Seriously cool!;-)LOL

    MILLIE333 seriously. everybody's got a style and a semi-sytle. Semi style comes into play when you're not in the mood for the full blown 'style' of how you love to dress at your best. i have a full blown style & a casual semi style. Your semi-style is PJ's which obviously is cool for you.
    so serious. LOL

    I`ve got style!!LOL..Have cool clothes,smart cas..and slumming around clothes...anything goes..I like to think I`m AHEAD of fashion!!;-)..Lady yer heart out!!!;-0

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