Colleen, How can I send you an e-mail?

    OK ... I will let you know what's happening with google+.  Terrible. I'm tired now and oral surgery is tomorrow. I sent information to the office. I'm just so lost and confused.  itsmee

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    I'll send you an e-mail to the g-mail address have for you. You can reply to it. As for Google+ there's not much I can tell you. It is not really part of akaQA and has nothing to do with this website. akaQA is it's own website as it Google+. 


    Thank you. I will do this if I can. It's good to be able to contact a moderator on akaQA. When there's a problem on another site there's no one to talk to. Another thing about akaQA that's good is that it's kept clean...not fuss budget clean but just right. (almost always)

    Itsmee, oral surgery is nothing nowadays.  I’ve had 3 major ones this last year and barely took a pain pill and ate soon enough. It will go swell, trust me…………Uh, I just called the dentist office and it’s been five major surgeries, all super deep (into my jaw bone) and I felt fine. If you have a good surgeon, you shouldn’t suffer like you fear……….


    Into your jawbone!!! No, mine went fine. I'm glad yours was ok. I had a pocket that was at 12 ...and that is almost to the jaw bone. I was lucky.
    You folks who avoid the dentist: Get on the phone today. Call.

    Hope your surgery goes well Hun for tomorrow I had oral surgery two weeks ago not pleasant xxx


    Hiya chipmunk cheek! :)

    Colleen glad I didn't post a photo of me lol xxx

    I am now double chipmunk cheeks but nothing hurts. Mine were chipmunky to begin with.

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