can I find out what bank teller paid my mom's credit cards

    I just found out some information that has me wanting to investigate a wells fargo teller in Floresville Tx. 15yrs ago my mom borrowed a loan that was deposited in her wells fargo account. The teller states to my mom " Mrs Borjon just leave in the account enough money to pay all your credit cards and I will take care of the rest.. My mom claims receipts, balances, or any evidence to proof the teller did pay the credit cards were not available. My mother is a elderly woman that had trust in her bank and especially the teller that would helped her. I did a credit report on mom and it shows credit cards are still owed not payoffs. where do I go from here

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    Contact Wells Fargo and speak to someone who may be able to investigate this for you. You will need the account number and your mother's information, name, birth date, ss number, address...and whatever else they may need. 15 years is a long time ago. It might take some time to research. 1-800-869-3557 

    juana la cubana

    I know it has been a long time but my mom fell in debt and finding solutions to save her home was interesting. So that only lead me to found out bad money decisions were made by my oldest sisters. Instead of helping mom they used her home to borrow money. So the bank , my sisters , and the finance company screwed my mom. They kept it from me that many years

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