Why do kids act up everywhere they go?

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    "Coz thayz kidz!!!


    You expected differently from such young goats?

    Kid of the Day



    That is one very lovely Kid of the Day.

    figtree3 - I like this too Kid of the Day!!!

    saydiebug - Because they are "kids" and that's what they do. You say "act up" this can be inappropriate as a result from adult influences.  If they are lucky they will carry their child-like world into the adult world - have a high child - have great artistic talents and other good things.  

    Lack of discipline.

    Children are heathens, little better than wild boars and raccoon. If you can't leave them at home in their cages, bind and gag them before getting into the car.  As long as you can lift them into a shopping cart, you're fine.  You could tint the windows on your vehicle very dark and just leave them in the car while you are busy.  No one would be able to see through the tint and know your kids are in there.  

    Just kidding.  Kids act up when they are bored.  Their sense of time is much different than ours, so plan accordingly.  One hour will seem like four days to them.  If you must be out for several hours with them, make sure you have snacks and drinks for them and a game, toy, puzzle, etc. to play with while you are out.  An art pad and some pencils are worth their weight in gold.  


    And High Five or Highlights magazines. Genius inventions. :)


    I fight with children for Highlights at the doctor's office. Grew up with it and love it still. It is the best!

    Kids have always acted up in one form or the other. In my case, I was terrified of my mother and her wrath.  I’m all the more mannered because of it………..


    because their parents let them do anything they want.And when they get to school, they're difficult to have in the classroom, b/c they're so disruptive.


    mycatsmom - I am surprised - do you really belief this.

    I agree with Poppy. I do not and never have raised my children to disrespect the classroom. They have always been raised to have respect for the learning system.

    Kids act like they are conditioned and taught to act.  Sometimes at the maul or a store, you will see a parent arguing or hollering at a little kid. I've even seen some slap their kid. These kids are going  to be wild and act out.  Observe the parent that talks to the child with respect and KINDNESS. These kids are calm and responsive to their parent and environment.  I think every young person who is having children should be required to have at least one parenting class so their kid(s) won't 'always be acting up everywhere they go.'

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