What would you do, if someone suddenly cursing you??

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    silvi aurel

    how do I fix this?



    Fix what?? I'm like Colleen, I don't know if you mean someone put a 'Hex' on you or someone is using words to attack you.

    If a hex, just laugh and go on your way..

    If curse words-- Just laugh and go on your way..

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    I would object....firmly.


    The chap must be a Cad,to boot,

    like saying cuss words . . . i would calmly and quickly exit the situation. i have always been like that since i was a kid.  if somebody starts to loose it i leave. they obviously have issues that are deeper than you or me.  


    Excellent advice and the way things are today you never know who is carrying a gun and whether they might use it.

    Cursing you as in putting a fake spell on you or cursing at you as in swearing and calling you bad names? 

    I think smarter to ignore or kill them with kindness, they may be mentally ill, and or armed.  Not worth getting hurt over words! 

    As someone holding a doctorate in profanity my first response would be to show them what real good old fashion cussing is all about. But nowadays, with the populace armed to the teeth it's better to either ignore it or quietly withdraw because cursing not only indicates an individual with a poor vocabulary, but someone lacking control and you don't need to deal with a person like that.


    Quite right bigben,The silly twot needs a good thashing,

    Ignore them..pity them...unless my family were at risk of harm then I`d dial 999...that`s 911 to most of you!!OL XX

    The less said the better.  Most of the time, the one who makes the most noise ends up looking/being the fool.  Never fight profanity in like.  The other has already shown himself to be not very bright. Don't stoop to that low level. 


    They must have nil else better to do!!:-(

    It depends upon who's cursing and why.

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