I bought a classic white Schneider t-shirt sometime in 1964-65, when I was just a teenage kid. I married in 1973, and my wife threw it in the garbage. Ever since, we have not spoken to each other. Please respond, do you have those t-shirts still available, cause in the 60´s I was pretty known for my Harley and the t-shirt. No helmets and no speed limits.

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    This is akaQA, we're a worldwide Q&A forum. Sorry, we are not the company where you purchased your original shirt.   Good luck,  I hope you find a replacement shirt. 

    (You may want to consider looking at retro and vintage clothing websites too).

    Still not speaking over a T-shirt? Not in all these years? I’d say, buy a new shirt and leave your wife, you don’t have much of a marriage……...

    country bumpkin

    He's had that t shirt since the 60's or 70's so it was obviously a keepsake item and it meant a lot to him.
    I have a keepsake shirt placed inside a large plastic freezer bag and I would be livid if someone came across it and through it in the trash because it belonged to my best friend who died in 2004.
    His wife more than likely knew how long he's had that t-shirt, but even if she didn't know she should have asked him about it before she took it upon herself to chunk it in the garbage.

    That's what you call a peaceful marriage.

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