Do you or family member have a pit bull dog?

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    Banned in the UK, big NO NO!

    IMO it's the owners who should be barred.

    I have a 1/2 pit bull. His mother is full pit and his father is a Jack Russell.


    That's him on the right. The one on the left is a lemon beagle. 

    My brother has two pit bulls. All of them are great and loving dogs. 



    He's kinda cute cuddled up all cozy warn there. We have relatives who have a Jack Russell who breaks skin. They wanted to have him euthanized but the vet wouldn't allow it. The little Jack Russel lives a very solitary life. They feed him. Make sure he's warm. (or cool). When we go for a holiday dinner I see the little dog walking around on the patio kinda peeking in at all the guests. It's sad.
    I hope the thumb is up. I meant for it to be.

    He's a people pleaser. He just wants to give love. He has more of the Pit attitude than the Jack Russel attitude. Pits are great and loving dogs. The media has destroyed that fact about them with their scare stories. Read what Vinny wrote. The media loves to destroy dogs.

    As for the TU, between the TU and TD and Unvote and re-vote and TD again, I'm not sure where you left it but I think I may be a TU.

    I read Vinny. Interesting. I'm just scared. That's all. It's not them. It's me. : )

         My nephew found a mottled pit bull puppy, cowering in a bush, when he was 17.  The pup had one ear lopped off, bleeding.  Nephew took him home and named him "Brownie". He was the biggest baby in the world.  Never hurt anything or anyone.  Couldn't swim (sunk like a rock).  Sat in your lap, all 60+ pounds of him.  Barked when you were in the swimming pool, tail wagging 100mph.
         When he became arthritic and cried in pain, his "family" took him for "massages" (seriously), which helped tremendously for quite some time.  My sister had him euthanized and cremated about two months ago; his ashes are home.  
         My nephew is now 32.  Brownie had at least 15 years of being loved and catered to, including raw chicken thighs every morning (and don't gasp; dogs don't barbecue before they eat their prey).  

    In most of our area, they are part of a top 10 list of dogs which insurance companies may not carry you, unless you buy a rider policy.  And this is a responsible thing for those who keep them and these other dog breeds which are statistically more risky to others.  This is factual, not breed bashing!  I have small grand kids, and would not own one, cannot trust that the kids would be safe, doing kid things, etc. 

    Just love them though they are banned in the UK many years ago I looked after two most loving dogs ever the problem is that they have bad owners it's never the dogs fault it's the owners treat them right and they will treat you right 

    Every so many years go by and they will target a new breed - Odd that they are banned in the UK being that's where they came from in the first place.

    in the 50's the bad dog was the Boxer.  almost a pit-bull

    60's it was the Bulldog, everyone was afraid of this dog

    70's it was the German Shepard -- Oh my!! 

    80's the Doberman took the lead.

    90's the Rottweiler.

    Now in the new century we have the nasty mean Pit Bull.

    Funny how time changes what hits the news.  So, I would guess that all the 'bad dogs' in the past quit biting people after their run of fame because all you hear today is pit bulls.  strange!

    I don't think there's a mean bad dog, only mean bad dog owners that teach these dogs to be mean, either through training or mis-treatment.  when a dog attacks, it is doing what it was programmed to do, dogs are not reasoning creatures, smart yes but reasoning logical, no! They operate on programming. Yes, some are more aggressive than others and will attack if provoked to do so.

    Imagine that you are being harassed to a point that you feel you must defend yourself-- Many times this is the case.  Dogs can be dangerous or they can be the most loving member of your family, but that choice is yours, not the dogs. They live to please their masters.

    Ironically, if I were to say which dog is the most aggressive, I would say the chihuahua!  small but deadly!  I call 'em 'ankle snappers' .. Imagine that in the size of a pit bull!  LOL!! Fortunately they can't whup anything.


    Best answer.

    I am afraid of all the dogs you mentioned. I'll keep my cat..
    Interesting, Vinny.


    I'm scared of them. I never know how the owners treat their dog. I've read many stories of these dogs attacking kids and old people. Anybody weak. I believe I'll hear from the people who love these dogs. I just never will. I wouldn't let my grandkids get near one. Ever.  We had a neighbor who had one. I think he raised his dog right but whenever the dog saw me he growled and lunged. Yes, I'm scared.


    Yet you never hear of the other breeds that attack, maul, kill kids do you? No, just an all out war on Pits. Pits are not the leaders in attacks on people but the media hides that info from you. As long as you fear them, they will fear and not trust you. Expect them to growl and lunge.

    itsmee i'm scared of them too. A few of my family members own. When i go visit they lock them up. Even tho they treat them like people. They have sleeping a human's bed with family members since they were pups. I'm still scared. One ttys to talk like humans. i'm still scared. Cause if they ever get mad at you, they bare not letting go.

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