How are you dealing with the storms of eastern America?

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    Quite well, we here in Bonny Scotland always get the tail a$$ of all the crappy US weather.

    And the Siberian S**t, come to think of it.

    As long as the snow blower is working well, fine.  We are about to have our 3rd. snow storm with accumulation within a week.  Spring will be around the corner, then we will complain about rain and mud, I guess.  Summer we have to complain of the lack of rain in some years, and too hot.  So I guess snow is o.k.  I am retired, and do not have to commute through it daily. 


    Good for you and your viewpoint!

    Not well. We had about  8" in my part of N.Y.C. There's another storm coming in from midnight to 6 PM tomorrow and then another one coming on Sunday. The Dept. of Sanitation pushes the snow going up and down the streets, creating compacted barriers of ice, slush and snow in front of people's driveways., which is worse than shoveling the sidewalks. I haven't moved my car since Sun.(too slippery & moronic drivers) and probably won't for the next 7-8 days. I'm getting cabin fever, can't go to my gym and had to cancel a doctor's apptmt. Each passing day means one day closer to spring. I can't wait.


    wow. God bless you! Hope it ends soon. Even tho be cool and relaxed.

    Thanks. Where do you live?

    California, bay area.

    We are getting the remains of it over here in the UK, mainly as wind and rain, and floods, worst on the west side of the country. I have a friend who lives in South of France and they are getting the wind and rain storms as well, they little town where he lives was cut off for a few days last week.

    I’m in Texas, no real weather here, just cold one day and T-shirt weather the next……….

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