Which incident is considered the bigger holocaust, slavery or war?

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    Take a look here. You will find many opinions.

    Personally I feel both are equally harmful though war can kill more at one time than slavery did. War can also exhaust a country's economic supplies and money and cause a depression in the land. More will suffer because of that. 

    The holocaust is one, slavery is forever……...

    probably slavery ,b /c it was a long-drawn out death of the spirit for many for years.

    The worst is yet to come... History repeats itself - 'Those who fail to learn from the mistakes of their predecessors are destined to repeat them. Those who do not know history's mistakes are doomed to repeat it."

    many of the younger generation did not learn from the mistakes of the past, many of those deny there was a past, they are destined to repeat it.  this you may count on as it had proven itself for thousands of years-- The worst is yet to come..

    By definition, war can be considered a holocaust, but slavery, while terrible, does not meet the definition.

    i personally think the holoccaust was the absolute worst!  It's bad when you and your family get beat raped hung and still have to pick cotton.  But the slave did get to create all them there songs that started religious soulful hymns and the blues that people love today. (out of most things bad, something good comes.)  On the other hand, on an individual level, to have all your property stolen, and maybe be one of the people that got experimented on for weird medical science, then to top it off by being starved to death, then for desert gas chamber, please tell me what on earth could be worst. With regard to war in general, I personally hate it. It should be abolished on this planet.  It's going to take a lot more people with great communication, wisdom and knowledge to get us to that point.  It amazes me how Isreal and the other side can't talk it out. And warring parts of Africa. Please people stop war.

    I guess I would have to say war. While slavery and bondage does still exist in many areas, great strides have been made in it's attenuation. However, even when countries abolish slavery, as has happened in the US, Europe and many other countries, war always maintains it's horrible presence and I think it always will.  

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