what is curriculum management?

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    The purpose of curriculum management is to help ensure that all students will get the most out of their education. The more global goal of curriculum management is for students to use all the knowledge and skills they have learned to contribute to society in a meaningful and beneficial way. All stakeholders in any given school district contribute in ways that help to see to it that curriculum management is carried out, as best as possible. 

    Curriculum is the academic system that imparts knowledge and skills to students in a school environment. More specifically, curriculum refers to what is written to be taught, and what is tested at different student levels, in specific areas or courses. After evaluating test results, administrators and boards can determine what are the most effective methods for imparting knowledge to students. 

    The first part of curriculum management is curriculum design. At this stage, educational philosophy and practice is taken into consideration. Curriculum implementation follows, after which administrators train teachers so that they will be able to deliver the curriculum in a way that will most benefit the students. 

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