why do we need to respect our parents

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    because if they weren't abusive or neglectful, they gave you life, love,  and they met your needs .And they were your first and greatest teacher.Besides, the Bible says Honor thy mother and father.

    I love and respect my parents so much that I joined the Navy to get away at 17, then moved 3000 miles away after my term of enlistment. Distance is so respectful and polite.  


    that's why a lot of college kids go to a college way across the country, from Mom and Dad.....( If they got the money )

    Because without them you wouldn't even be here, how about going up to them and giving them a big hug and tell em how much your love em.  My guess is they give you a place to sleep, they give you something to eat, they buy your clothes and they obviously put up with disrespect.  

    someday you will grow up and this will all make sense, until then, lighten up on your parents, they have been through a lot just to keep you alive and healthy.  


    So true!!...just you wait til you have your own kids..then you`ll really know!!;-)

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