The worst day at high school was/is ....

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    The day President Kennedy was killed!


    Some here were just babies or very young children but I think most remember. And those who do will remember exactly where they were.
    Same memory thing happens in a California earthquake.

    Do not remember any that stood out.  Maybe when the guidance counselor told me not to bother filling out any college applications? 


    That's TERRIBLE. You didn't listen to him, I know.

    No, and when I saw him on campus the following fall, I went up to him and reminded him of his comment and gave him the finger, and said how dare you. Also, to never dampen the desires of students again! The story is that I only went to him for application after the math teacher, Mr. Kemper, threatened me with bodily harm, unless I sent one out. (I was very shy and with no confidence) In fact, Mr. Kemper would not take the answer I gave "I cannot afford to go to college", picked me up by shirt collar and pressed me into the wall, and said you cannot not afford Not to go! He also said that there would be an envelope in guidance for me. (It was his check for $15, to cover the application fee) He was quite a man, although I did not realize it then. A few years later, I went to visit and thank him and let him know that I was finishing my degree, to find that he had died of cancer. I had not known if he had ever done this to/for anyone else. It, I think is what pissed the guidance counselor off, hinting that he had not done his job of supporting and counseling students at all!

    ... hoo ray. There are some teachers or some people who change the life of kids. There aren't enough, I fear.

    The day  I did poorly on a test……….

    The worst day of high school (well, most of it really sucked) was the day I'd ditched school with a friend and ended up in San Francisco for the day (3 hour drive; we had a great time with not much money).  My mom got a ride to the school at lunch to pick up the car so she could do some errands; when it wasn't there, and I wasn't there, the jig was up.  5 days detention...


    Your day sounds too fun. Every day when Becky and I rode to school with Roy we asked him he'd take us to San Francisco. He never did.

    My worst day was when ALL my friends - (Francine, Jeanne, Becky, Janie, Thiel, Barbara) were not at school. I wasn't unpopular but they were my clique. Anyhoo ... none of them were at school one day and I was on my own at lunch. Terrible. I walked around and looked at all the little groups eating lunch. I spent a very long time in the restroom combing my hair, putting on lipstick... oh, you know. PS I really didn't like my clique but once you are in one that's the way it goes.
    I have another one but I'm afraid to post it. Comprende?

    Si, senora. Comprende. :D

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