Got a phone call this morning, about 6:30 this morning....

    My middle son is officially a father!  Apparently HIS son wasn't waiting for a trip to the hospital, as Mommy delivered him into the waiting arms of Daddy in the upstairs bathroom.  "I caught him, Mom.  He just came flying out!!"
    My job was to get Big Sister off to kindergarten (and tidy up the bathroom a little bit). As far as I know, everyone is doing well.  I'll post the "stats" when they are available.
    You can call me "Grandma" again (2 boys and 2 girls).  

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    Congratulations to you and your family

    Congratulations Grammie, lots of hugs and kisses for the little one.  And yes, what an adventure for this little guy's entrance to the world.  He will maybe not be early for all appointments in his life, but was for this one!  Regards to all! 


    His momma spent 8 1/2 months complaining about everything...AUGH, my fingernail! the point where neither she nor my son believed she was in actual labor. A sad lesson for baby, as he is in NICU, antibiotics and fluids to expel from his lungs. He won't be short on love, though! :D

    Good for you and the family, hope everything is well.




    I like the sound of that. He looks like a little man already, from the picture. I'm leaving in a few minutes to meet him and give Mommy a much-needed hug.

    she looks so mean! I do not think of Bob as anything but a cute sweet granny...

    She's a GRANNY,I have "fond" memories of mine.

    Bob/PKB is barely old enough to be a granny, you guys! : )

    I had classmates who were grannies at 35. I was having my second child.

    It was sooo long ago I don't even remember how old I was when I had my first child.

    How exciting! No wonder you haven’t written…..Congratulations to you and them. Gee, I’M excited.


    Sent you a message earlier. Have a lot to catch up on with you. TTYL

    Congratulations Nana - great story.:)

    Loving new life is fabuleous, so very happy. Joy to you, you are the very breath of life and love. 

    Congrats and how exciting for dad! He will tell this stories many, many times in his life I'm sure. Enjoy the new little one grandma!


    You'd think, in the 21st century, stuff like this wouldn't happen! You're right; this is a one in a million event!

    Babies do not know about centuries. When they are ready, they are ready! ;)

    Wondererful !!! :)) ...Best Wishes to ALL...CONGRATS !!!...Many happy days ahead...!!!

    Great news Gramma BOB!! What a wonderful way to begin a new year....congratulations from Vancouver Island!! BIG hugs all around!!! xox LL

    Hope all is going well !!


    Baby is actually in the NICU; without aspiration at birth, he ended up with some fluids in his lungs. Doctor has a feeding tube and antibiotics going, just in case, and wants him to exert as little effort as possible for anything other than getting the lungs cleared. He had the billirubin lights added last night, but they are gone this morning. Nurses said he is a feisty little guy. His face is ALL bruised (looks like a blue man) from delivering face down. 6 pounds 4 oz. 18 1/2 inches. Still working on name (Loki or David) THANK YOU, zorro.


    Congtrats again Nanna Phyllis.

    Grandma Bob: 2 girls 2 boys 

    Grandma itsmee: 4 girls 

    Contratulations, Bob. When I first became a grandmother I didn't really want to admit it to folks. I really and truly thought I was way to young to be sooo old. Now I don't think of it that way at all. Our grandchildren keep us young because we have to be so we can relate with them and keep them safe.  Congratulations to all concerned, of course!

    It's kind of unusual that we both like to be called Grandma. There are so many cutey pie names out there. We're just solid Grandma. <3 <3


    As a late in life Mom I am mistaken for Storm's Granny sometimes...usually by really elderly old men in the 80s - 90s bracket..actually it's kinda weird...but funny!

    Congratulations Hun and to your Son of course xxxx


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