Do Men And Women Learn Differently?

    Men and women are different: Not better or worse – different. Just about the only thing they have in common is that they belong to the same set of species. They live in different worlds, with different values and different set of rules. Women criticise men for being insensitive, uncaring, not listening, not being warm and compassionate, not talking while men think they are the most sensible sex. Men and women have evolved differently because they had to. Men hunted, women gathered. Men protected, women nurtured.

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    I believe we are all equal in the "Eyes of God." both, men and women, have unique qualities and gifts that may or may not be better than the opposite sex. That's the beauty of it is, we can really compliment one another, when involved in a healthy relationship. True, there are some difficult circumstances to overcome in our relationships, but when we work together, that's when we as a couple, SHINE.


    <a href="/users/1635/leeroy/">@leeroy</a> - If men and women do not take account of these different perspectives, they may fail to give their partners what they actually want.

    "Now, we know, the sexes process information differently. They think differently. They believe different things. They have different perceptions, priorities and behaviours. Men and women should be equal in terms of their opportunities to exercise their full potential, but they are not identical in their innate abilities. Whether men and women are equal is a political or moral question, but whether they are identical is a scientific one."

    I don't know if they learn differently, but they certainly react differently. I find a common flaw amongst EVERY woman I have ever had contact with, They have an overactive JEALOUSY gene. Sorry ladies, but I'm calling it the way I see it.

    Overactive jealousy works both ways for men and women:-)
    ed shank

    Much, much more so with the "fairer" sex.

    I beg to differ. Jealousy is crueler than the grave by either, male or female!
    ed shank

    I will not dispute your last comment, Madam, in this you are correct.

    Women also tend to think from more than one hemisphere of the brain at the same time, thus the multi tasking thing you do. While men run their thoughts out of mostly one hemisphere of the brain. Women are definitely much more in touch with how they feel, and run on emotion. We men can go months without understanding how we feel about something, usually relying on our logical thinking and problem solving ways of thinking.

    Two very different creatures, but when you find your soul mate, we work in tandem and compliment one another in all aspects of our lives. What a difference a supporting and encouraging wife can make in the life of her husband, compared to a nagging, complaining wife who can break the spirit of her husband. The same thing is true for a husband who is loving, loyal, and supporting of his wife's ambitions, instead of being critical, if we just support and believe in each other, we can accomplish much more than we would do otherwise.


    <a href="/users/1635/leeroy/">@leeroy</a> - Men nurture with aggression, women are aggressive with their nurturing.


    Yes, that's very true.

    Here's one similar I've heard. Men give love to get sex, women give sex to get love.
    Yes. Men learn and then teach I am in trouble
    ole hipster

    I'm just gonna' have to beat you down! lol....(:

    I believe men and women can learn and teach each other!
    Females...our minds are always leeroy says multitasking comes naturally to us and multiple thinking patterns also comes naturally to are basically pretty much analytical in their thinking...we tend to look at all spheres especialy what, we're emotional...would men have it any other way far as being smarter than each other...depends upon your definition of smart...wouldn't it be truly lovely if men still gathered and women nurtured...without malice towards each other...long, long time ago and I'm sure they had their own problems and definitely a lot more than we do now! (:.

    Very insightful ,some guys think women are just guys with breasts ,not so .Funny thing all the qualities you mentioned women find missing in us would brand us as gay if we had them.they think we rember nothing of their behavior when they lie and cheat on us. So when we treat them without caring or sympathy they should bear in mind some other tramp has been there first. We have a TV commercial airing here scenario is one guys brings flowers and girl falls for bad boy flowers are tossed back in guys face and she calls him loser. So is there a lesson to learn here ??? I ran a add for on line dating there were more than 2000 responses .I must write good copy . 99 percent sent a full frontal nude photo. There were no end to cheating wives with sob stories. Those seeking no strings hook ups and the pros looking for money . Did I learn anything you bet !!!!!!! And yet they expect respect?????? I was faithful to one for 18 years never did a single thing wrong and in the end she left without a single word and married someone else in less than a month.Women are not high on my list of things I repect!!!!!!!!!!!


    <a href="/users/4843/bluesman1951/">@bluesman1951</a> - Women punish by withholding affection as well as communication. This is why a man who may be initially relieved by a woman’s silence, comes to find out that she is really unhappy with him. In fact, research shows when a woman quits complaining it’s not necessarily a good sign. If she’s dissatisfied to the point of muteness, she may be planning her exit strategy.

    Men are from Mars and women are from Venes


    <a href="/users/4503/12x12/">@12x12</a> - Men should try to listen lovingly and respectfully to women’s feelings, women should try to express their feelings in a loving and respectful manner. If men give, and women appreciate, both end up feeling happy.


    im happy when your happy

    Right on :-)
    No, women learn better than males.

    Lol, how do you know that?

    Because, in Australia, the girls out perform the males at school and beyond. That's how I know. Girls or women are more focused. Not all of course.
    Men and women have different hormones, which cause them to do things differently.

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