i have sprained my knee what shall i do

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    Hot and cold compress, and lots of rest until you can put weight on the strained knee with little pain.

    Hot packs for 30 minutes and then cold packs for thirty. This is due to a process called vasodilatation. The body’s ability to compensate………..

    Take it easy, do not stress it if you can avoid it.  Listen to your body, pain is the message "hey, quit that, it hurts and is doing us no good!"  (if your knee could talk)

    first, see a doctor. He should order an xray. If he then agrees that it's a sprain, put ice on it for the first few days, then put a warm compress on it. Keep it elevated when you're sitting in a chair. A Dr. told my mom that sometimes a sprain is worse than a fracture........harder to heal and takes longer to heal.

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