If you could teach any college course you wished, what would it be?

    Everyone is very good at something and your skills may be more valuable than you think.  If I had thought it through earlier, I would have concentrated on novels instead of atoms.  Perhaps you have had the same experience.

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    I believe I have taken every lower division Psychology class that ever existed (four j.c's) So that is my first choice for teaching.    

    My second choice would be Early Childhood Education (lab work)

    My third choice would be Design. I LOVED my art classes but I never got really good at anything except Design. It was one of my most difficult classes but still I'd like to teach it.

    I liked Poetry. I did not like creative writing. I wanted to create my own way and not be told how to do it. : )    Fun question, freethinker


    itsmee, would you like to design clothes ?

    Life will teach you who is the right spouse. Sadly, there are so many who will not consider what wiser and better people say, make horrific blunders, and pay a price that may go on for many generations.

    If your parents care about you (some don't) then heed their counsel.

    With a Degree in "COMMON SENSE"....the future is bright...and will continually grow even BRIGHTER....with common sense....ANYTHING you can imagine, can be achieved.....the world has a lot of contrast, ups,downs...rights and lefts...opposites of all sorts...yet we find ourselves in the perfect balance between all opposing forces...therefore...we are the superior beings...given the responsability to sustain nature as it was left to us...We were chosen for the task because, being the only creature with the best ability to use "common sense". To  enable ALL people with "COMMON SENSE", would be my field of choice....The Earth as it is today cannot sustain itself as it once could. Might teach a bit of math, also. Like...PUT 2 &2 together...Now that WE are here, WE need to be the responsible "common sense baring creatures that sustain existance as we know it today (1/12/14....2 07 am) " I would teach one to teach themselves. Then they could teach others the same. When,finally, all learn the simple rule of innovation...evolution, the "common sense" that got us all where we are today...knowing that we must continue to evolve and innovate in perfect order to exist as we do...always reaching for a better way to make a rarely fulfilling life even better for not only yourself, but the future generations to come.................!


    I wish.

    Good answer...

    I do what I can to get my students to use that priceless commonsense. Those who awaken to its value make me very proud of them. Those who defy all that we in society have learned over the long haul will always defy their own best interests also, and may well not be worth instrructing.

    I, for one, would delight to make commonsense a graduation requirement.
    terryfossil 1

    TU Gregg,even the dumbest person with common sense can be the smartest,,but nowadays health and safety does not believe in common sense,,they want to legislate common sense,,and fella that aint possible.>>>>>>>><<<<<<<..

    Any class? Do I actually have to know the subject? I’d choose advanced calculous because it would be nice to know.  Given what I know now, it would be home-ext……...


    Funny Julie ...

    I hate math, nothing personal.

    I would like to teach a course on how to pick out the right spouse, how to manage money, and how to raise kids. They had  a class like that when I was in H.S.  It was called  " Home and Family Living "


    I took that! I made a horrid corduroy skirt and vest. If that wasn't bad enough, I cooked an entire chicken lunch for 4 classmates. Terrifying!

    Itsmee, I'm glad you went back to your original picture. You look cute :-)

    Thank you. You too. It's my only good picture. It's either that one or none. I was going to take one with my new purple glasses but NO. That didn't work at all.

    everybody that gets married or choses to have kids needs this course.

    T Y,Tabber for your positive input.

    i'd like to teach musical instruments or psychology/behavior modification or astrology.

    Drawing and composition.


    I LOVED my design class. I wish I could take it again.

    Sales, marketing and customer service. Everyone, whether or not they realize it, is selling/marketing something (maybe only themselves) and customer service in many cases, has become atrocious. I find that when people develop these skills, they become very confident.

    It would be rewarding and fun to teach people Life Skills.  Health and Nutrition would be enjoyable, and some sort of Counseling or Therapy course.   Like Julie, I'd love to be knowledgeable enough to teach a math course (and algebra would be OK with me).

    How to B.S. your way through life, also known as Political Science....


    Bustie, Yup....If you can't dazzle them with brilliance, baffle them with b---s---t

    Hypnotism wbmc...It would be great to have a classroom full of quiet students!;-)


    Unless you hypnotize the whole room and have them cluck like chickens.

    With my daycare/preschool I had to put maybe twelve 3 & 4 year olds down to sleep all at the same time. Of course, I didn't hypnotize them. They all did go to sleep at the same time. It was just luck, of course.

    @Colleen..I would hypnotize them into believing that they were doing a sponsored silence or something!..Then when the home time bell goes they`d all wake up!...itsmee..we used to have an hours sleep after lunch in infant school!..Those were the days!!!;-) XXX

    @Colleen..not that crazy yet!;-) lol xx

    I would be more into the sporting side of life..Image result for cricket photos

    Quantum Physics, Nuclear Engineering , Bowling, Archery ,


    Bowling! Yes
    terryfossil 1

    Educationally i certainly feel outside of the loop you guys are in,,my life challengers did not leave much room for education,however what i have learnt through hard life challengers they did not teach in school..but it does leave you starting behind the eightball..and Bob,(Bowling! Yes)>>>>>><<<<<<<<..

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