Does head trauma change your personality or interests even if a little?

    I fell and hit my head some four months before, and I had spent some time in hospital for about a week due to this. Apparently I had some bleeding in the brain, which dissipated over time after being released. Anyway I notice now that some things that I took interest in previously to the injury are no longer present. I am a proposal writer by profession and since then, I no longer care for doing that sort of work, which surprises me since I am quite literate and have always been. Also, being single I previously had an interest in my nephews and nieces as a sort of surrogate parent, which involved me teaching them skills that their own parents were unable or unwilling to show them. Now, I spend no time with them whatsoever, also I noticed that my previous personal interests such as watching classic tv shows is not there any longer. I can barely sit through even a half hour without doing something else. One thing that I noticed is that some of my previous habits have become more pronounced such as exercise, specifically gymnastic type movements.  Anyway, my question is; is it possible to have a change of personality if one takes a knock to the head? Even if rather minor? Consider that I was doing handstand pushups a few days out of the hospital, I don't feel really that different other than being a little subdued almost without any feeling or emotion.

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    Yes it can and does. This is something that needs to be discussed with your doctor and I suggest that you do that, as soon as possible. This is serious and should not be ignored. In addition, please understand that we are not health care professionals on this site.

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    It can. Information here >>>

    I have no medical qualifications but I have heard of personality changes following a head trauma.  I think you need to see your doctor and maybe investigate this with an MRI or cat scan.  Don't take any chances with your brain. (BTW, I've also read that transplant recipients often take on some of the characteristics of their donor, like food preferences or hobby interests.  Strange.  They put it down to the DNA of the donor organ becoming part of the entity of the recipient.)

    Good luck!

    Yes, it can. Even minor trauma can change one’s way of thinking. Get it checked out, you could be suffering from residuals……..


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