Did some Bayer aspirin cause AIDs?

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    No. That's a myth ! Another myth that was going around when I was in high school, was that Bayer and Coke would make you drunk..  Or that Bayer aspirin would take battery corrosion off  your car battery. It never took rust off of my chrome bumper on my '70  Nova .

    Aids is spread by bodily fluids ONLY………….take a Bayer if you get a headache……….

    Since AIDS is a virus, which needs a live host cell to live in, they only can live in body fluids for short periods of time.  How in the world could they possibly live on an asprin tablet?  In fact, if you put a virus on an asprin tablet, the salicylic acid chemical of the asprin would surely kill the cell.  In summary, virus cells do not live outside cells, or fresh body fluids!  Bacteria, do however, but they are not the cause of AIDS.  So no it is NOT possible, period!

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