i mean when is the world coming to an end?

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    No one knows but I imagine it could be thousands of years from now. Why worry? Just live. 

    Kenny,Kenny,Kenny.(Pun intended).This Q has been asked a million times on this forum.Don't you realise that it ended 12/21/2012?

    Dec. 21, 2012,  According to the Mayans. 


    Funny how to new reality of existence is the same as the last, huh?

    I think they ran out of space on their wall….interpreted as THE END. Of course our calendars expire every 365 days in a global rebirthing ceremony we call New Years Day advancing the annual series event number by one.

    Not yet, don't worry about it enjoy your life.

    I heard it might happen next month (February) so pack your bags, just in case!


    o,m,g i have not any clean underpants,

    If we worry about the future we will not live today.  Do not ruin the planet, but care for it, and we can do our best to allow it to survive and heal from our abuse of it. 

    I just got my hair done so, it can’t end anytime soon………...

    Ours is not to question when, ours is to be prepared for the end. 
    As a struggling Christian, I think it will end when God has given us every opportunity to find salvation through His son, Jesus.  The fact that we still have time (although no one knows how much) tells me God hasn't given up hope on us yet. 


    God didn’t invent ‘Time” , man did that. God invented and controls rain.

    OK by me, Robert.

    who knows if Japan has anything to do with it 20 years ?

    No ones know where the End will came.But only God knows when.But I don't really like the End of the world because I want to live in my whole life until I die.I wanna live with my parents no matter what.

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