I think I am Bi but i am not sure becuase i am 13

    I am have Crush on a girl My heart skips a beat with i talk to her and i just love talking to her and hang out and we just have so much fun i just want to kiss her and this the frist time likening a girl and i am scared my dad wont see me as his own anymore he is ok bi but he dosent really like bi people and i am scared i have question like :

    Am i Bi?

    Well People i love understand?

    I am just super scared please help me

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    Tough to tell at 13. Everything in you and about you is still changing. Feelings and emotions are all over the place in the younger teen years. Let it be. Wait until you're older and more in touch with yourself and what you truly want and what you truly are attracted to in a person. I am a lesbian and have pretty much always known it. When I was 13 though, I was too unsure about attraction and love was still a foreign idea. I was 17 before I could make it official that I was a lesbian. No lingering doubts. Bi-sexual is tougher. The mix of emotion for both sexes can really confuse things. You may just feel closer to this friend because she suits who you are better than any others. There may be a connection but that does not always mean it has to be deeper than a close friendship. The desire to kiss her could just be the hormones coming awake in you. Give it time (the next few years at least). Only you can answer this question. I just think you are too young to answer it right now. 


    Thank you C:

    I agree..can be totally confusing!..I was 26 before I realized I had any feelings for another woman and even then it took me a longtime to really come to terms with it..As C says you`ll know when you`re ready!

    I would love to give you the definitive answer and explain "everything" to you, but I really don't know what to tell you.    

    Lillpadgirl ............Colleen is right.that you're too young to tell now. Don't worry about it yet. It's not unusual for a 13 yr. old girl to get a crush on her older cousin, or g.friend, or on a female teacher. it's kind of a form of  hero worship, like when every man wanted to be like John Wayne. When you get to be 17, or 18 or 19 , that is the time to assesss your sexuality .


    Or any time`s not always in your teens.

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