Do you think rich kids who get a lot of presents are happier about Christmas than kids who don't get so much?

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    My wife was telling me as a child in Scotland, part of her presents was an Orange, hard to believe, as an Aussie we had them growing in the back yard, we just took everything for granted.

    My mother put a big orange and a big apple in my stocking b/c she said that's what they did when she was a kid.She phased out my Christmas stocking after I was about 7 or 8 b/c she said it was only for little kids.

    RE: best friend hangs stockings for everyone in her family, including the dog! I gave her a knitted stocking for her son before he was 1 (a friend at work made it for me). Her son is 31 and that stocking was hanging from the mantle when I got there Christmas day, filled with good stuff! She fills her OWN stocking, picking up little things that are inexpensive. The stockings will have a favorite magazine, some lottery "scratchers", dish towel, pair of socks, candy bar, package of batteries...just a variety of little things. Sad for you, mcm, that your folks had the austere attitude you've described. The stocking is the most fun part of the gifts!

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    We were poor most of my childhood, and I think that we were as happy as other kids.  I did not have much to base this upon however, and knew most kids had more than us.  Our friends growing up were envious of us, in that we had skills that they lacked.  They loved my mom, as she could do anything, and taught some of them stuff that their parents could/would not.  How to build stuff, fix cars, cook, etc. all out of necessity.  So we may not have had the most, but we had more than many in other ways! 


    I think you had a great life. You had a good mom. Kids LOVE to learn real skills.

    I got what my parents could afford but it always seemed to be just what I wanted. Santa was real to me, thank God for my parents………….


    I believed in Santa too. My parents said there was no such thing as Santa but I stood firm in my belief.

    No I don't think they are any happier, We were poor when I was a child, and we always thought we were very lucky at Christmas.

    Xmas Is Xmas. It all depends on what you are used to & what Xmas means to you I s'pose.

    no ,you don't miss what you don't have,,besides ever seen a little kid get a big present in a big box,,the kid play's with the box,,


    If there's no print on the box, they will decorate it. A refrigerator box is the level best!

    Going by my own grand kids, who always gets plenty if not too much from their Nana who spoils them rotten, far less i think would be far more appreciated, funnt thing it always seems the cheapest present is the one most liked.


    My grandkids get plenty. I will be having a tree for them when they get back from their week at Disney Land. They got gifts there. There BIG gifts will be here at their house.What shall I get them? A car?! The oldest just turned 8. Maybe too much here, (LOL kinda)

    Happiness doesn't come in stages or classifications, I have seen people that are poor beyond pitiful that are as happy as a lark, I have seen rich people wealthier than imaginable that are sad.  Happiness has no boundaries and doesn't care where it goes!  Happy people don't know they are poor, a poor person that is happy is richer than the sad wealthy person by far.

    I think the idea of Christmas has EVERY child happy with anticipation.  The quality of the gifts vs. the quantity would be paramount; if a kid gets a boat load of stuff and doesn't really LIKE any of it, not so happy.  A child who expects little will be happier with even a meager remembrance.  

    I would have been a lot happier if my parents would have got me what I asked for. They either didn't get it, or got me a cheaper version of what I wanted. They wouldn't get me the trendy doll of the Tiny Tears,or Betsy Wetsy. or even Barbie. They wouldn't get me a bike. I saw these gifts over at the neighbor girls' house. And there were 7 kids in that family.Later on, they wouldn't get me contact lens or a dog. He also said I couldn't have a cat, or even a hamster.They wouldn't let my brother be in LIttle League, or Cub Scouts.

    the most important thing is what you have ( family ) not what you will get

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