What were you in Highschool?

    Best  Dancer, Most Likely to Succeed, Best Athlete, Best Liked, Best Looking, Best Sense of Humor, Most Popular, Best Singer, Best Musician, Most Creative.Best Leader, Best All Around, Best Friend ... 

    If you don't want to brag, just make one up. k? 

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    itsmee: how about YOU??

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    I was a quiet, somewhat shy kid.  I lacked self-confidence, and because of the transportation problems, regional school, and had to take bus home, with no opportunity for after school activities.  I thus did not belong to any sports or clubs.  I was a very good student, with no dreams of college, that was until Mr. Kemper.  This teacher took an interest and "leaned on me" to threaten me to apply to one college, fearing for my well being, I did.  I went on to become a teacher and did the same many times to "pay it forward". 


    We were talking about angels a few pages back. I don't think angels have wings and things. I don't think they have shiny halos. I don't think they glow. I think your "angel" was Mr. Kemper. Many people have them, unfortunately, I did not.
    What did you teach?

    Mr. Kemper taught math, I taught Animal Science and other Agricultural classes.

    Thanks Its...

    High school was ruled by bullies, demanding parents, obliveous teachers and ignorant, overweight, barnyard animals. Those with intelligence dodged the frey and moused about as a social mystery. I managed to escape that prison by intentional failing grades and joining the Navy by asking recruters to pursuade my Dad, who was ready to see me leave so long as it was at his initative. 

    Dad being a Baptist Preacher and Master Mason ruled home life. No drinking, no dancing, no driving , no cursing and church-church-church three times a week. No wonder I found psychology so interesting and my background rejectably insaine.


    You have a life that would make a best-selling novel. The funny part was when you wrote highschool was ruled by "ignorant, overweight barnyard animals" Good, Robert. True.
    Your brain is what has seen you through to an interesting life. Your dad was ... oh my god ... he was something else. You are a survivor.
    I'd say you were in the MOST CREATIVE category. : ) . Keep on keeping on and I shall do the same.

    Keep on keepin on...I LIKE THAT!!!

    That's an unusual combination,Robert......a baptist preacher who is also a master mason!

    I was on the gymnastic team, not very good but I made it! I also got married in high school......


    I got married the day after highschool got out.

    only one of the girls in my senior class got married while still in H.S.- - -in her senior year.
    Itsmee, are you still married to the same man ?

    Yup, he's sitting right here beside me puzzling out our new computer. I believe a new baby was easier to manage and understand.

    I was a high school drop out. I regret that I never took school more seriously.


    My Big brother was one of those too! He's a nuclear physicist now. I would say the two of you are MOST CREATIVE. : )

    It might not have been the place for you. I know many a large brain person who didn't finish high school ... it is set up to be brutal. ... and completely primitive. Anyway, Merry Christmas. I hope it is a good one and the new year fan-tab-u-lous.


    P L, you're very intelligent

    Not bragging...but all the above!...LOL! (just kidding...not much of a dancer)


    Happy Birthday!

    You have that little yellow square of a face and I would have to say you fall into the BEST LOOKING category. I'll bet you could dance an awesome jig. You just don't want to brag. : )
    Is it your birthday? Did I miss something? Happy Birthday.

    Yup...You can check my profile...Dec. 14...REALLY...NOT braggin,(well,mabe a bit on one...mabe two things!)(to itsmee)

    Thanx,jhharian! Happy days are here again...another year older!YAY!

    mine was Dec.17th. Now, I'm in the Medicare crowd.

    I LOVE medicare and am happy with the doctors I get to see…..

    STUPID, mostly.  I was in marching, jazz, and symphony bands, directed the junior class play (Harvey), worked on the school newspaper, and contributed to the creative writing magazine as well as typed most of the pages.  Apparently, I missed "Best Sense of Humor" by a couple votes.  But, stupid, mostly.


    Oh, I’ll bet not!!!!!

    Trust worst four years.

    Whoever told you that you are stupid...LIED TO YOU! Everything you've ever wrote here is brilliant and the FARTHEST from"stupid"...Don't believe it. !!!(If you'er stupid...then I'm Brad Pitt!)))!!!...or, I've got a bridge to sell you...or...well,you know what I'm sayin'...Please DON'T EVERY THINK THAT way. Oh ya...did your four years make your life the life you're living now, or did the last four years, or will the NEXT four years...just WONDERERin'?...:))(like I always do)

    I am submitting my vote for Bob/PKB for the Senior Class. This vote will go toward BEST SENSE OF HUMOR. One more vote and she will be the winner.
    Sheila was a good friend, she had that honor. We laughed a lot,
    My very best friend, Sydney got BEST LOOKING. (Arghhhhh! Smile. Yay!) I'm still recovering from her and that long silky brown hair and those tiny little feet and how she looked in her gold formal with the homecoming queen crown on top of her. (Yaaaaa. Woot! Barf ... pardon ... smile) She was highly honored but left before graduation to go hide away and have her baby. I never heard from her again. Boo Hoo. Boo Hoo. Waaaaaaaaa! Anyway, that's how it came down.
    How about MOST JEALOUS for me? Or maybe MOST SAD. Maybe I'll say BEST LIKED. I liked that.

    Oh, dear friends, I was incredibly stupid. My focus should have been on continuing to excel in my classes and participate in different clubs and activities. My biology teacher was ready to fail my sister when she showed up in class the year after me...just because we were related. The teacher was a jerk, but so was I, obviously.

    The teacher had no sense of humor. He was a jerk. Yes indeed.

    I was just an average student, a shy one at that, caused by having freckles, they disappeared by the time i reached nineteen, i changed a lot then, but i still had a baby face, i wished i still had lt. :)


    I have a mental picture of you and “baby face” it isn’t…..

    I don't see a "baby face" either. You're looking' good, bulletman.

    I lost my baby face when i reached fifty, thanks anyways. :)

    In my H.S., there were only 2 divisions.........the Grease and the Frats. Some called them the Greasers.

    I was a greaser only briefly in the 9th grade. Then, I saw the light and became a frat for the next 3 years. Only, I smoked, and most frats didn't smoke. LOL    And  in my H.S., a boy would NOT date a girl who wore glasses..And I wore glasses, b/c my parents wouldn't get me contact lens. But by some miracle,a boy did ask me to my senior prom . He was nice, and a good dancer. Then, he got drafted, like all the other guys but, didn't have to go to Vietnam.    T.G., he went to Germany.Kept writing me from the serivice and begging me to marry him, but he wasn't my type.And, I wasn't ready to get married.


    Good story! I wish everyone would tell their story. I'll bet we wouldn't get very many happy happy joy joy people reporting highschool. As they say, "It suked!"

    Jr. High sucked, but not H.S. That's what my bro said too.

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