how do you create your dreams?

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    Maybe this question will be with no sense. But really i am in a phase that i miss my visions, dreams,goals etc.
    I need to be motivated, inspired but i can`t, it`s like i can see that`s a beautiful world but i can`t feel it.
    I want to feel everything, enjoy everything, achieve with all my might, imagine will all my mind etc.
    Now the challenge in my life is monotony, i want a strong challenge to pass and give me some force to feel everything in life...

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    You "work" for your dreams, unless you are lucky enough to win the lottery.



    that's for sure . A lot of successful people got there by sheer hard work and perseverence and drive.

    Jersey, You said you can't feel anything and that life for you is monotony. You need to get out there in the real world, and experience life. So, get a job and go to college. Or just get a job. Join some special interest groups. And help other people. Help the needy and the elderly and the handicapped.Join a church, or synagog  ,or temple, or mosque.Take part in their activities.Soon, you will be so busy , you won't have time to think about this faulderaul.


    P.S. I think you may be depressed.So get counceling at school,or ask your mom to take you to counceling.

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