Have any of you tried the electronic (?) cigarettes, the ones that glow and have smoke, that you don't set a match to, and last for "quite a while"?   
    What's your opinion of them?    


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    I have a friend who hasn’t smoked in 5 mos because of these “cigarettes” and all the power to her. I’ve tried Chantix and it worked but the side effects made it not worthy. I need to quit smoking due to mouth surgery and sucking on a fake smoke defeats the purpose………...


    Can you chew Nicorette Gum? Quitting smoking is difficult. For awhile I drank a BIG glass of Burgundy every night. I'd have Starlight Mints with my wine.
    Then I chewed Cloves. They made my mouth numb.
    Now I'm hooked on the gum. I don't believe I'll ever be free of Nicotine.

    jh,I see you point, but isn't it a vapor and not real smoke ?

    Is Chantix the patch ? One time, a male hair- dresser told me he tried the patch, but it gave him wild bizarre nightmares.

    Yup, tried them,in my area,they cost almost as much as a pack of have to purchase the "tube"for about ten dollars,and can be recharged. The additional cost is the replacement "filters" that only last about 50 to 75 puffs per filter. I got mine in a 5 pack of filters,that come in menthol,non menthol,mild and full flavor,they DO have some nicotine in them to help ween you from regular cigarettes, The flavor is hard to get used to as well as the price of the replacement filters,witch,in my area and the brands available here,are anywhere from 10 to 15 bucks for 5 of them. They claim on the box they come in that each one is equal to a pack NOT so true. I guess when its all said and done...the price is almost the same, and a lot of places  still won't allow you to use them,anyway. I know only one person that stopped smoking using the E smokes...but she was very determined to quit,and took about 2 years to do it. That being MY opinion...going cold turkey,like my Mother and Father...(and a few other people I know did) is the best way to quit. But you've got to really want to. I roll my own and don't like the flavor as I smoke a lot less...almost enough to give em up completely.If you asked this question because you smoke and want to stop..I hope you have the willpower to do it.Good luck to you!


    I quit cold turkey too, when I was 30. It was no big deal . And I had been smoking since 14 !

    I stopped smoking 13 years ago, I didn't find it too difficult and I feel alot better for not smoking. My nephew used the electric cigarettes for about two years, he used to have it in his mouth all of the time, not sure if thats a good idea. They are alot more pleasant to other people rather than inhaling someones smoke. My nephew is back on the filthy cigarettes again now, I don't know why he does it because he suffers with really bad chest infections. His father ( my brother in law )smokes heavy as well , we usually go away for a week with them on a boating holiday but I am not sure if I can put up with their constant coughing and everything else that goes with it again next year.


    Coughing might be the only exocise they get,dont take that away from them sunny,

    That's certainly true in my brother in law's case Dennis, he can rest his family size bottle of Coca Coala on his stomach, and still leave room for a plate of sandwiches.

    I wonder what chemicals the smokers are inhaling now? Do these contain better poisons than nicotine? This is just another person going after the "addiction market". Millions have quit....millions more CAN.


    My son wants to quit smoking for his son. I bought him the start pack for $35. He inhales randomly, much less time than spent with the real thing. With the nerve wracking stuff going on in his life right now, I'm surprised, but thrilled, he's doing well with this. Where there's a will....

    Good for him.

    Finally, around here (home), something good. :0

    Yes...about time. :)

    I don't smoke but I do chew Nicorette Gum. I tried the e-cigarette. It doesn't do a thing. Really. Maybe some people would be helped. Maybe.... just maybe.

    I tried one once.It was too bl**dy hard to light!     They may not be as safe as you think,,have a read of this..>>>>>><<<<<<<

    The most ridiculous and maddening thing is the brand that includes nicotine in the vapor. That totally defeats the purpose of the electronic cigarettes   >:-0

    That's like if you want to drink coffee for a long drive thru 3 states, to keep you awake. And you drink decaf.  Duh !!


    They actually emit cool steam which makes them healthier than real smoke.


    What kinds of smoke are considered healthy?


    If you would read it,Phyllis, I didn't say smoke. I said steam.!

    If you would read your answer, this one, you would see the implication that smoke has some value of health. Had you said "less harmful" instead of "healthy", your chastising comment would have merit. Alas, it doesn't this time.
    MCM, I am very careful about my questions, answers, and comments, in spelling, grammar, and content. I'm not the only one who sees the silly mistake in your comment.

    Airlines regard e-cigarettes the same as traditional cigarettes, they are both prohibited on the airline as well as the airport terminal, i'm a smoker, i find it a wealth hazard, i will have to give it up as Australia i think sell the most expensive packet of cigarettes on the planet. :)


    More expensive than the UK?

    Almost $20 a packet of 20, i know U.K. is expensive, 8 Pounds for 20, depending on the exchange rate possibly the same, Romos.

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