Do you feel lost when your computers are broken?

    Everybody at the Mac store is on holiday. I am pounding out perhaps my last message. Boo Hoo.

     I run to them ALL the time with questions. 

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    I knew this was your question!  It's a frustrating inconvenience,  but I've got my phone.  I spend way to much time with my computer. I don't want to be without it, but seriously need to cut back. 


    Both are wonderful inventions,and both can be quite addictive,be careful. Anything in excess has the potential to cause an addictive behavior. What may seem harmless in the beginning, is usually what tends one to allow it to continue. Try making a list of all the things you do,(well, not EVERYTHING) then evaluate the things that you now realize are done somewhat in excess, you might surprise yourself, that we,as humans, are more than simply repetitive by nature,but also addicted to things that you never really gave much thought to.I guess there is a fine line between being creatures of habit and having a possible addiction.

    Worry would be on that list.

    I don't think I worry. Maybe.
    I'm not addicted now but I used to be. And how! My family was going on vacation and I was trying to pack. I kept being called back to the computer. Finally I gave my mouse to our neighbor and told her not to return it to me until I finished my task.
    I didn't really like our vacation place so the computer was where I hid.
    Now I like the computer a lot. I look up sooo many things. Things I need to know.



    Hmmmm .... I hope you'll come to the computer and ask some questions or answer some. We're glad you're here!

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