what is the meaning of joy

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    joy |joi|
    a feeling of great pleasure and happiness: tears of joy | the joy of being alive.
    • a thing that causes joy: the joys of Manhattan.
    verb [ no obj. ] literary
    rejoice: I felt shame that I had ever joyed in his discomfiture or pain.
    ORIGIN Middle English: from Old French joie, based on Latin gaudium, from gaudere ‘rejoice.’

    I am over-joyed, delighted and positively enraptured to offer you this humble definition….may you truely enjoy this simple gift to you…and thank you for asking for it.   

    Happy Happy ... Wheee... Wow....Woot Woot....Yum ... Yay! ....  (Is that good enough?)

    Being able to know what MAKES you happy...and the ability to achieve matter what may stand in the way...This can be a cruel world...however...a positive force from within yourself...will radiate around you...allowing you to experience the true meaning of joy. This,by the way, is a natural,and scientific ABILITY that we all possess. What seems to be inborn to some...may need a little effort by some others.The ABILITY for joy is limited,within yourself, and the MEANING of joy is found without. 

    A satisfied contentment with the little things in life....running into a friend that I haven't seen for a while, a well done musical performance, a good movie, a long hug from someone I care about, making someone laugh, a great meal or even a solid afternoon nap on a rainy day.   :)

    Joy is (in my opinion) a feeling of peaceful happiness.  It is the feeling of holding your child as (s)he sleeps, holding hands with your spouse, watching puppies play, or  working in your garden to plant flowers (yes, working).   I find joy in a ride along the coast, through the redwoods.  


    You've got a good...(or better yet...a WONDERful) outlook on life! You seem happy. Keep on keepin on!

    Interestingly enough, things that fill me with wonder also fill me with joy! Things that fill me with wonder what???? do not.
    You fall into the first category.

    An outcome that gives you pleasure is joy!


    Where have YOU been!!

    Am around Bob/PKB after being punished by Colleen for making pro Obama comments. But I think she is doing her job. Keep well

    Happy days...

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