What's the worse thing a potential lover could ask you?


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    Sorry, I forgot your name. Is this your first trick today? Did you bring condoms? Is everything working for you down there? I’m in a hurry…do you want a warm-up? What time does your sister get off work? I thought I saw your Dad walk by. I have something I have to do, can I come back tomorrow?  Can I leave the TV on so I can at least  hear the game? Are you done yet? 


    LOL....Been there...

    This is REALLY funny (kinda)

    lol Rob..Really great answer! :-)(sorry I`m out of tu today)! xx..How are you doing?X

    Rob..Nb it only took me a month to TU this answer..well I got there in the end!:-Z

    Front or back end Mills?

    Asking about the intimate details of previous relationships is off limits!!!

    Do you have a GOLD card ?


    That's scary. Now she says lets go to Macy's and look at the bags, or the fine dresses, or even the fragrance counter. There are many ways that could go. Huh?

    Or do you have a platinum card?

    ""Pass me my zimmer frame.


    what's a zimmer frame ? Is that German ?

    A Zimmer Frame is what the old boy in the picture I added is walking with. That's what it's call;ed in the UK . Maybe you call it something different in the USA ?

    It seems to me there could be MORE trouble if there was no zimmer frame available. My husband put bricks under the carpet when the wall-to-wall carpet got soaked after he plumbed the bathroom sink. I tripped and rolled into my closet and really mashed my foot. For a few days I was most grateful for my "zimmer frame" The one I have looks just like that sunnyB. : )

    Oh, We call it a walker. My mom had one that had 4 wheels on it and a seat and a basket under the seat. It gave her a lot more independence.

    I totally that I have a walker. I was given some bad medicine that gave me Pneumonia. I ended up in the hospital. I was so fatigued as I was recovering that I needed to lean on something to walk.

    Will you love me forever?


    Yes, for ever and a day, lol

    Lub u longtime GI.

    Lindi, I knew the song before I clicked on it!

    That's what came into my head when I read your response ... LOL Great minds baby!! ;D

    Meatloaf song. Augh!

    Musical torture.

    You don't mind if the camera crew sets up first do ya?

    'If not itsmee, who is it?" (lol)


    and what about the terrifying: WHAT SMELLS SO FUNNY?

    And there's always the terrifying:
    WHAT SMELLS FUNNY? (That wasn't worth saying it twice ... or was it?)

    how 'bout, "Do you smell a sulfur smell in here?"
    country bumpkin

    Clonge latest answer moved here to where it belongs.

    itsyou",(right?").ALL about you?
    country bumpkin

    @ Clonge. Please check to make sure before you bring up old questions that you have not already answered them. Only one answer is allowed per question per member.
    Thank you
    Moderator CB

    CB: Sorry, it was 3 yrs. ago. I forgot and didn't check.
    country bumpkin

    Thanks for being a good sport about it Clonge.

    Wait till I put in my dentures,

    " Have you ever had a Hersey's squirt in your pants ? "


    LOL ... LOL ... LOL ... I must be hysterical. (It's the upcoming holidaze)
    terryfossil 1

    This might be a funny question MCM,,but what is a "Hersey's squirt..>>>>>>>>><<<<<<<
    country bumpkin

    Diarrhea Terry.
    terryfossil 1

    Who is Hersey's CB..>>>>>><<<<<<
    country bumpkin

    Hershey's Chocolate Factory.

    Hershey squirts/ diarrhea looks like melted Hershey chocolate bar. ( I think MCM misspelled Hershey)
    terryfossil 1

    AAAHHHHH, The penny drops,,thanks CB
    country bumpkin

    In this case I hope it wasn't heads up. LOL
    terryfossil 1

    Just a saying CB just a saying...My Aussie sayings seem to be clouding the waters a bit lately..>>><<<

    " Could you please not point and laugh?"

    Image result for point and laugh

    obvious question,,,"do you have aids"  walking stick,? wheel chair,? leg brace,? false teeth,? you know ,,all the obvious questions...............................................................................................


    criminal record?
    terryfossil 1

    Hi Itsmee,,my wife to be and i sat up from daylight to daylight discussing my past,,the crim side was a bit tricky, it was a long night,i thought i had told her everything,however i had forgotten a few things,,she married me anyway,,,i was the winner,,,,

    Here is an example. Couple weeks ago a young attractive weathergirl at a local news station from Lubbock Texas text some nude pictures of her to her lover. Both these people are married. She lost her job, embarrassed, and probably her marriage. Oh, forgot to say the wife of the guy she was involved with found pictures on his phone and put on internet. If your going to play , your going to pay.

    Anything that could potentialy drop me out of the running


    ....have you seen my latest report from the health department ?

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