Terrible boredom


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    Terrible boredom can be a result of depression or loss.   It takes a lot of effort to get up and moving/living when you are sad and lonely.  Baby steps, small commitments that you can keep, and building a routine that keeps you busier and more engaged will help.   I can't call mine "boredom", but I am signing up for real estate classes and have enrolled in community college.  At least I'll have to get up and out the door to BE someplace. 

    Get a job, that always kept me from being bored when I worked.  Now retired, I help with grandkids, do home improvement on my 2 houses, and assist with homes of my 2 kids.  I help neighbors when they are doing projects also, recently put in a lawn for one.  I also am active in the Grange.  Do something civic, in these times volunteers are very welcome, with budgets as tight as they are. 

    Go join a church singles group......if you're single. Or / and join some civic minded groups in your town to enhance the appearance of your town, or to bring some cultural entertainment to town. Go help old people. If you have any elderly neighbors, call them and tell them you'll cut their fingernails and toenails for them. And wash their back when they're taking a shower on a shower seat.Go to the local animal shelter and sign-up to walk the dogs. You'll meet some interesting people that way too.


    I have tons of elderly neighbors and would never dream of suggesting it appropriate I cut their nails or scrub their backs. How inappropriate that sounds to me. The other suggestions are spot on, though. IMO

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