Do you have tattoos?

    Veteran broadcaster David Dimbleby has revealed that at the age of 75 he has had a tattoo. I am interested to know how you feel about tattoos; do you have one? What would you think if your doctor/dentist/ nurse/ teacher had a visible tattoo?

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    I once worked with a girl who had had a tattoo but decided to have it removed. The process took several visits, was very painful and cost much more than the original tattoo.

    I've had dental assistances with tats work on me and I tell them I like their tat or that it's pretty. I've had waitresses with big tats on their arms, adn I tell them it's pretty, or that I like it.

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    Interesting question.  I think that if my doctor had a tat I would reconsider my affiliation with him/her.  There's something not cool about a professional especially a doctor of medicine with a tat. When I see tattoos on people  my opinion of them drops slightly, of course, i have seen the cutsie tats women have like a tiny butterfly on the ankle or something like this, I have no problem with that. But large tattoos i don't care how beautiful and artistic they might be I think these people have a societal issue.  Turning your body into a billboard is insane IMO, the human body is not a canvas.  Not to mention what they look like after 50 years.

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    like your answer Vinny,however man or woman does not matter..but why someone gets them is always interesting .........nice talking.. and by the wife's name is Venny...little bit Italian

    Venny? Vennessa? Interesting!! :) Please don't get me wrong, some of the nicest people I have met have tattoos, it's a shame though that these nice people are sometimes associated with the bad people that have tats. (stereotyped) Knowing this is a possibility, I too wonder why they do this. At one time males in the military especially navy it was a way to express their camaraderie, - Now its a means to broadcast your separation from society. Note the number of convicts that tats. Not to mention those that want to appear as convicts. I tend to tag it with the baggy pants syndrome.


       I have a red rose on my left shoulder blade. My aunt was married to a local tattoo artist so she had several tattoo's and I also wanted one so I could be "cool" just like her. My grandparents raised me  throughout most of my teenage years so when I asked them if I could have a tattoo and they said no, I came to the conclusion that the two of them were just two old fogies who did not have a clue what they were talking about when they gave me the reasons why they forbade me to get a tattoo.   On my 15th birthday  I spent the night with my aunt  and I suppose you can figure out the rest of the story.

      Looking back, I wish I would have listened to my grandparents because after the novelty (5years) of having a tattoo had worn off, I have hated it ever since  and I do my darnedest to keep it covered up so no one will see it.


    CB, Let it show. It sounds pretty.

    I don't have any and I don't find them attractive, at all. In my youth, the only people that I knew who had tattoos were either wild ex-navy men who drank a lot or ex-cons.


    Hey, I'm ex navy and I don't have a tattoo on my body....
    country bumpkin

    He's telling the truth you know! I've searched all over and nope, no tattoo's, not a one. (*~*)

    To both of you....LOL!!!!


    I have three. One on my back and two matching in my nether regions.  Why?

    I don't have any but 1 daughter has 1 and several grand daughters have quite a few!  I think tattoos are addictive! At least it seems that way  concerning my G-kids!

    Just one. I think I know what you mean about health practitioners with tatoos. I've never noticed one with one and I'd very likely think less of him/her if they donned a skull and bones tat.

    In my case, as in many others, I'm sure, it was a product of my youth.

    No , just not interested in that.

    The first one I got was a butterfly on my left ankle with "happiness" in Chinese allegedly the symbols for the body. When my (then) estranged husband saw it, he asked if it was permanent, and when I said "yes", he wanted to know what message I was sending to "the kids" (16, 15, 13). My initial thought was to ask him what message HE was sending to our sons, having checked out several months ago and spent a total of MAYBE 3 hours with them since.  What I DID say was, "Well, I guess the message is, if you are 51 years old and you want a tattoo, it's OK."

    I also have three little butterflies on the left side of my back. My sons' names are the bodies, one for each.
    One on my right shoulder that shouldn't be there and no more. Two sons have them, one always anticipating the next, and the other with one that has great meaning for him.  The oldest son will probably never set foot in a tat parlor. 
    I try not to judge people by their tats and piercings, but I do have my prejudices.  

    i have a few,and i would prefer to get rid of all bar one,,most of mine are what you would call boob jobs,,but they cost a lot to lose,,as vinny said ,the human body is not a canvas..however if you must get one,,make it something that has great meaning to you and you alone...i hate those tatts  they get .....just black squiggley  lines that look like kiwi tribal tatts..but best is to not get them at all,,,,,nice talking to you all................................

    Mine can only be seen in directed ultraviolet light, on the bottom of my left foot and the back of my right elbow. Number and letters only.

    No, I knew of some people who had them with numbers, given against their will in WWII, and I have always had a negative feeling about them ever since seeing those.  Besides, this body art applied to a young hard body, hardly looks the same when that person ages or gains weight years later! 


    My great aunt had numbers tattooed on her inner wrist (if I remember right), a reminder of the Ottoman-Turk invasion of Armenia about 100 years ago. She would not talk about it.

    I LOVE tattoos on young beautiful people.  don't have any and I'm passed the age when it would be appropriate to get one. Boo Hoo. I'd be chicken anyway.  I would be uneasy if my doctor, dentist, attorney had one. I'd leave the practice, in fact. Vinny said it just right.

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    your reasoning is fair itsmee,however tatts do not maketh the man (or woman )but they do point to a type of person,, some younger people get them for rebellous or gang reasons..then get no more..then there is the one who gets a massive tatt on their back.because they like it, but cannot see it,but runs around without a shirt on so everyone else can see a tat that he likes but cant see..and they are the (hey look at me people ) so tatts do tell a short story about a person,up to you what you like,,,always good chattin ,lady in the black dress....................

    I have tattoos.  My children will be able to identify me when I am dead... they only have to look at my ankles.  I feel I have done them a favor.  Looking at a dead face sticks with someone forever.  They only have to step into the room, take a quick peek at me from the ankles down and say, "Yes, that is my Mom."

    As a parent it is important to minimalize painful situations.  Clearly I am dead.  At the very least, one of the three of them is going to be upset about the event. I want the identification part kept to a minimum.  

    My middle child will laugh.  She is hilarious that way.  That kid always gets the joke.    

    I like tatoos. I would get one if I was young. My step-daughter got one or two when she was 40 or more Her's was a butterfly on the back of her left shoulder. Her kids were getting them , adn that's what inspired her. On women, I think they should be small, pretty,discreet,  and in good my 3rd cousin, Cassidy, When she was about 27 ish, she got one just under the bone at the back of the neck.She designed it. It's a  long stemmed wine glass, and some high-heels.

     If I was young, I would get piercings too. I would like a small hoop thru my eyebrow , and maybe a small, thin hoop thru the side of my nose, and a belly --button piercing .

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    what the????????????????????????

    Age has nothing to do with it, MCM. I had my belly button pierced in my early 50's, and my nose pierced a few years later. I had to take the little diamond stud out for the job I had, and just wasn't good at putting it back in (I'd not planned on removing it once it was in). Actually had it pierced twice, as the first time, the stud fell out when I was asleep and I couldn't get it back in. VERY PAINFUL.
    If it is something you want to do, don't let your age be an excuse! GO FOR IT

    thx for the encouragement,PKB . Might get a tat, but not a nose piercing,after your experience. When I was slim, I could have had a naval piercing.But, what's the good of getting it now ? I don't wear bikinis anymore, or low cut shorts, and high cut cropped tops anymore :-(

    The belly thing wasn't good for me, for the same reasons (though my experience in cute clothes wasn't until my 30's). Never wanted to pierce my eyebrow or lip or tongue (two of my sons did their tongues...neither has it still, THANK YOU, GOD!)
    I have several ear piercings, and am planning one more. That will make 9. I used to have 11.

    My answer""


    He's cute :-)

    whovin! I have missed you.
    mcm: I agree.: ) tats

    not a one.


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