Are you hesitant about wearing expensive things when you go out for fear of being victimized?

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    The most expensive thing I own is a $29 dollar ring and it is replaceable…….


    We could stroll down the halls of the malls with no worry. I wonder if we have the same ring? : )


    No!  Most people don't come near me when I'm out for a stroll.


    @Clonge...People are hard up for entertainment I guess? lol

    LOL LOL LOL I am rushing to Poorly

    Your eyes are very Hipnotic,Miss Ducky,

    Thank you hector. :)

    If you can afford very expensive things then just hire a bodyguard to go with you! Stay out of bad neighborhoods. Can you tell I don't buy expensive things to flaunt about?

    No I fear buying expensive things for myself, because I am FRUGAL, that is polite for saying I am cheap! 

    Nope. I would not roam around wearing expensive things. Why a $600.00 jacket when a $50 one will do? Seriously. Only vanity causes people to over spend for clothing. Walk around wearing a price tag and you're going to attract the wrong attention. 


    A lot of people work hard for their money, and like to reward themselves. I bought a pair of pricey alligator shoes, but could have bought a few pairs of excellent shoes for the same price. I don't think I'm vain.

    I can still find better things to do with hard earned money. Alligator shoes are generally not attractive to thieves. I think you're safe. Go get some expensive Nikes and see how fast you get assaulted.

    Definitely not attractive. I purposely got them with the teeth, as an option. As for Nikes, no thanks. Also, buying something more expensive over something else sometimes means it's of better quality.

    Makes sense then if they can be used as weapons ;)

    That's why people look at me funny- I thought the price tag was an accesory LOL! Of course Good Will has nice clorful ones! In all seriousness, I dress "down" so if I decide to wear some nice jewelry I thik people think it"s fake. When I do dress up I'll wear the jewelry too but it's insured and why have it if you dont wear it. I have ever owned clothing i thought would get stolen- but I'm not into really expensive clothes.

    no,i am an ex drunk from the wrong side of the tracks;i go to work to earn money,i then give it to my wife who handles it very well. we are not rich people,and we do not spend it as though we are....for those who want to flaunt it,,fine ,,for those who dont ,,fine,,,,nice talking guys.............................................

    I have a few items that have some value, which I enjoy wearing occasionally.  Several years ago, my home was broken into and the "really good stuff" (which also was modest in value) was stolen.  Losing things that were gifts from loved ones was the real slap.

    No. I don't buy expensive jewlery or clothes. And if a couple of burglers came to my house, they'd say, " Where's the Beef ? !  What are we doing here ? !

    No. Not even while on the subway in NYC at 1:30 in the morning.

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