Homwork help please GCSE music

    Please write the following as an essay,

    Explain how Chopin uses the following musical features in Raindrops:


    Harmony and Tonality



    please help me and write in full sentences please I have to write this essay for tomorrow and I don't have enough time to write it as I am running a charity event for movember please please help me love yous all who help me <3

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    Why did you wait until last minute to do this? Have you spoken to your teacher and let them know you are having trouble understanding the assignments? School work comes first always even over charity events. Take on only what you have time to do. You copying other people's work is not what your teacher is looking for.

    Ms. Colleen: I've having trouble with my homework. Could you email me? S

    You're on your own. Especially if it's homework concerning your computer.

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    I am sure your teacher gave you adequate time for this assignment .  Research should have been done first, then a rough draft of the essay and then the final draft. Charity is a wonderful extra activity after your homework is all done. Consider your schoolwork as your first priority and your life will be so much calmer and you won't have to scramble at the last moment.

    I'm so sorry, but I wouldn't write an essay for anybody without getting paid substantially for it (and it would be worth every penny).   I wouldn't write an essay for someone to turn in as his/her own work, though, so you won't get much help from me. 
    It seems that you are going to learn a valuable lesson the hard took me several reviews of the lesson before I learned it, so I'm not coming at you from anyplace except straight on.

    As Colleen suggested, talk to your instructor; do a good job on the assignment and turn it in, even if you receive no credit whatsoever.  You can at least maintain some self-respect, learn something, and impress your instructor (which may come in handy). 


    That is a great comment, Bob!

    I'd have to hear the piece before I could help you .Can't you put a link on here for us to listen to ?

    Colleen I am locked out of akaQA. I need to know what happened!


    I cannot sign in. I need to know what happened. What were those 404's? It's not my style to use words that aren't accepted on this site. If you don't know my new email address, could you let me know here?

    Sometimes I can do some things. 


    How are you locked out of you are posting here?

    You were able to sign in to post here. 404 just means the question got removed. There have been a lot of questions being answered that contain swear words and other things not acceptable on akaQA so the whole question is being deleted. Your account is fine.

    Everything is fine now. It's possible that I used the female dog word. Is that a swear word? At the time of my writing I could sometimes get in and sometimes not. It was frustrating. I'm fine now. Thanks.

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